About Billy:

Billy is a large, male Huntaway, aged 1 years old.


Hi, I’m Billy. I’m a lively 1-year-old huntaway, living on a farm in Taihape.

I would like to announce that I have ZERO interest in working stock!

I’m certainly stockproof! Chasing sheep and cattle simply aren’t passions of mine!

I even live with free range chickens and I don’t care for them!

I’m a social butterfly, really. For me, life is all about my friends!

You see, I’m one of a team of 10 working dogs – and we’re ALL good mates!

Dogs and me… we go together like burgers and chips!

I’ll run around with my plastic food bowl and entice the others to a tug of war!

I’m a submissive type of guy. I’m not about the status. I slot in wherever.

And, with my aversion to fulltime farm work, I get to spend my day running round with my farmer’s two pet schnauzers – woohoo!

The other day, my farmer sat me down for a chat.

She says she understands my heart’s not in my work and she’d like to find me a loving – very active – pet home.

A place where an affectionate man like me can be get all the pats he so desires – with space to run and things to keep my MIND busy too!

We’ll be sad to part ways but I know my farmer wants what’s best for me.

Guess what? I’m one of those doggies that’s super great round kids!

I live with little ones and they come out to see me first thing in the morning.

We also go for runs together!

I may be full of beans in the morning, but I’m always very careful not to knock them over.

I’m quite a shy boy, my farmer says, and it takes a while for me to warm up and trust new people.

I’m worth the time and patience though.

She says the right people will understand that.

When strangers come to my home though, even being a timid boy, I’m not worried.

I just give them a quick sniff and a pat, to suss them out.

I think I’d be happiest in my new home with other young pups like me.

My farmer thinks, provided I get lots of exercise – like, learning agility maybe – I’d be fine as a city boy too!

You see, I’m a very quiet. I don’t bark at all – even on command!

So far, I’ve been on a long rope but haven’t had leash training as yet.

Fortunately, I learn FAST. I soak up things like a sponge, with excellent recall too!

When you need me though, I’m usually right behind you anyway.

I follow so closely behind my farmer, that I dribble over the back of her legs!

Oh, just so you know, I live with a cat, who likes to be the boss.

I’ve managed to avoid ever meeting him, so I’m not sure how I’d be living in a house with one.

My farmer says she, and the family, will miss me very much.

She’d like to trial me in my new home, to make sure I’m the right fit.

And, of course, she’d love to hear updates on how I’m settling in.

She wanted me to let you know that I’m not fixed but up to date with all my vaccinations – and free of fleas and worms.

So if you’re looking for a playful, laugh-a-minute, social butterfly that LOVES children, I could be the boy of your dreams!

Is Billy used to children? Yes.
Is Billy used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Billy toilet-trained? No.
Is Billy used to stock? Yes.
Is Billy used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Billy get on with other dogs? Great.
Billy lives in Taihape, .
A bit about Billy’s personality:

I’m a loving guy that’s all about the fun and friends.

About me:

My name: Grace Cassie.
My e-mail address: graceestellecassie@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0273282267


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