About Boetie:

Boetie is a medium-sized, male Huntaway X, aged 1 years old.


Black and Tan

Is Boetie used to children? Yes.
Is Boetie used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Boetie toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Boetie used to stock? No.
Is Boetie used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Boetie get on with other dogs? Great.
Boetie lives in Auckland, North Island.
A bit about Boetie’s personality:

Boetie is an 18 month old Huntaway, he is fully vaccinated and neutered. He has a wonderful nature with other pets and especially with children. He does need to be exercised and a fully fenced property is a must. He is easy to walk and very obedient. Boetie is very healthy. He gets along well with other dogs and currently living with another huntaway and a schnauzer. They play for hours on end. Boetie deserves a loving family home, given he had spent at least three months of his life on the streets and was so super skinny that he would not and could not eat for a few days. He was scared of the broom or any type of stick to start off with, but has overcome this fear now. He is OK trained and easy on a lead. Keep in mind he is only 18 months old so still a bit of a puppy. Whilst we have had some interest in Boetie, I have also had to turn some applicants away due to the fencing situation. He loves people and dogs. I am not sure about cats but we have wandered past chickens & sheep and it didn’t phase him. Talk about not hurting a fly, if Boetie finds a small insect he tends to play with them as appose to eating them – just saying 😉 If you are interested in adopting Boetie then please get in touch. He is currently living on the north shore but we often travel to Ruakaka / One Tree Point (close to Whangarei) on the weekends. Contact Jillian Hedgman on 027 294 1965 if you are interested in this beautiful and gentle Huntaway.

About me:

My name: Jillian Hedgman.
My e-mail address: jillian.hedgman@nzcouriers.co.nz.
My phone number: 0272941965


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