About Buddy:

Buddy is a large, male Bearded Collie, aged 16 mths old.


Hi everyone. This is a very hard post for us to make, but we are considering rehoming our beardie Buddy.
Buddy is 16 month old entire male beardie.
About Buddy:
Buddy is a really sweet boy and loves people. He thinks he is a lap dog and will follow you everywhere.
He knows basic commands (sit, down, come etc) and walks well on the lead.
We have 3 other dogs who Buddy loves. We also have 2 cats, who he is great with, and he is used to being around cattle. Buddy loves it when our neighbors kids visit so think he would be ok in a family.
Buddy is a typical beardie and does bark when left home alone.
Buddy loves swimming.
Why we are thinking about rehoming Buddy:
Unfortunately, after Buddy was with us for a couple of months we noticed he would be a little stiff at night when getting up from lying down, after having xrays he has been diagnosed with moderate hip dysplasia, our vet believes this will probably really start to affect him in 4-5 years, and recommends gentle walking exercise, no overexertions.  Unfortunately, Buddy doesn’t understand this and just wants to run and play with our other dogs which is why we think he may be better in a home where he is the only dog and is taken for daily walks. He is happy and doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort. We give him K9 plus joint health daily.
He is a big boy and is hard to keep weight off as he likes all food. He is an inside/outside dog, and will need a home where he can come in, especially at night. Buddy is vaccinated but he isn’t fixed as our vet recommended not getting him done until he reached maturity as this may help the dysplasia.
We really love Buddy, but we are thinking he will be better in a quieter home and are wanting to do the best thing for him. We will be quite particular about who he goes to as we want him to be looked after so prefer someone with knowledge of beardies. If you please get in touch and we can have a chat.
Would prefer him to go to someone who owns their own home and fenced property.

Is Buddy used to children? Yes.
Is Buddy used to cats? Yes.
Is Buddy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Buddy used to stock? Yes.
Is Buddy used to chickens? No.
How well does Buddy get on with other dogs? Great.
Buddy lives in Maungaturoto, North Island.
A bit about Buddy’s personality:

Easy going, loving, thinks he’s a lap dog. Bit of a goofball.

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