About Bugger:

Please note Bugger is a RWD foster dog.

Bugger is a large, male Huntaway, aged 8 years old.

Is Bugger used to children? Yes.
Is Bugger used to cats? Yes.
Is Bugger toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Bugger used to stock? Yes.
Is Bugger used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Bugger get on with other dogs? OK.

Bugger, a cruisy 8-year-old huntaway, loves nothing more than chilling on the deck or in the yard.

He came to us with this name and he really does know it, so we’ve kept it. For a while, he was called Butch.

A relaxed and fun-loving dude, Bugger is great with all animals – chooks, pigs, cats and horses. He also loves kids!

Bugger’s happy to be involved. If other dogs are barking, Bugger will bark too! He’s a good boy and will bark when he needs to leave his kennel to go toilet.

Bugger gets along great with female dogs but gets a little cocky with the lads – just till he gets to know them. We think, though, that he seems a lot happier on his own.

If he’s let out around stock, Bugger can be hard to get back, so he’s best suited to a town home, unless you’re experienced in this area.

A trustworthy boy, Bugger will not jump fences.

While Bugger will not start fights with other male dogs, he will stick up for himself. He can do a bit of posturing with his tail up in the air etc. He should be fine on leash in dog park areas.

Vaccinated, microchipped, castrated and registered, Bugger is ready to find his new people. He has an adoption fee of $350 and, as with all of our foster dogs, we’ll require a vet reference and property inspection prior to adoption.

To apply to adopt Bugger, please fill out the form below: