About Chase:

Chase is a medium-sized, male Border Collie X, aged 3 years old.


I have a border collie x huntaway named Chase.
Chase is 3 and a half and is a failed sheep dog.
We got him when he was 2 from a farm and were hoping we could give him the home he needed but he is very high energy and due to covid I have had to return to work after being at home so have struggled to give him the time and effort he needs and deserves over the past few months.

Is Chase used to children? Yes.
Is Chase used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Chase toilet-trained? No.
Is Chase used to stock? Yes.
Is Chase used to chickens? No.
How well does Chase get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Chase lives in Pokeno, North Island.
A bit about Chase’s personality:

Chase loves playing with his ball and is good with other dogs (only socialized with female dogs)
He is good with children but can be very excitable and doesn’t have full judgement of his size so can knock kids over unintentionally by jumping or just moving around.
He is neutered and microchipped, just needs his next vaccine which I will get sorted after Christmas.

I have struggled for a while to come to this decision as I love him so much but at the same time feel horrible that he is not getting the full freedom he deserves.

He is not good with chickens/rabbits but is ok with livestock.

He is good on the lead after a few minutes but will go to the toilet every chance he gets. Lol

I don’t want to list him on any marketplaces as worry he won’t get the family he deserves.

He would need some training as still jumps up even though we have tried ongoing knee lifts.
He will sit if you say sit down. He is food trained and will stay until told he can eat.

Hopefully you can help me find an amazing home for him.

Kind regards and thank you for all that you do.

About me:

My name: Kayla Jensen.
My e-mail address: Kaylajensen@outlook.co.nz.
My phone number: 02102252481


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