About Cruze:

Cruze is a large, male Hunting – Pig Dog, aged 4 years old.


Cruze is a big, beautiful boy who is looking to find the right fit in his new family. He was adopted from the pound several months ago, and unfortunately although he is a good boy and very loved, he is not quite right for his current owner.

Cruze is around 4 years old, he’s been castrated and is up to date with vaccinations, has been chipped and registered.
He is very kind and affectionate, generally has great recall, and has been fine with a variety of other dogs out and about in the dog park. He has had one incident with another dog which has caused him to have a warning letter against him from the council. Given his size and strength (35kg) if he had wanted to do damage he would have, but the injuries were only minor and he has not had issues with other dogs.

Cruze is looking for a home with a strong and confident leader, he enjoys the company of other dogs but doesn’t really need a home with a dog buddy, What is important to him is his humans. His ideal home would possibly be a male or a firm female, someone who is home a bit or can take him to work, and a good amount of exercise. His one annoying habit is jumping up and bumping his nose into your mouth. He is not an escape artist.
He hasn’t been around many kids in his current home, but apparently he came originally from a home with small children. While in the pound he was a special favourite with the animal control officer. He will need further training around sheep, unsure what he is like with cats and chooks.

If you work from home, are a dairy farmer, or a builder who can take their mate to work with them, you might just be perfect for this guy. He really is a lovely dog, and would be so happy to find his forever home.

Is Cruze used to children? Yes.
Is Cruze used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Cruze toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Cruze used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Cruze used to chickens? No.
How well does Cruze get on with other dogs? OK.
Cruze lives in Palmerston North, North Island.
A bit about Cruze’s personality:

A big, beautiful boy who loves his people and would be a fantastic buddy.

If calling about Cruze, the best time is between 5-10pm.

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