About Gypsy:

Gypsy is a large, female Huntaway, aged 1 years old.


Gypsy is a beautiful, affectionate, large, 21mth huntaway bitch, who realistically needs a new home. She has been trained to be a working dog on a large farming property. She is very natural and has loved working stock. I am writing this description with a very heavy heart. In December she went lame after each time she was used for stock work. Rest was not resolving the issue long term. After a visit to the vets in the same month, it was ascertained that she has arthritis in both knees. I have a vet report available to refer to, if required by prospective new owners.
I found the diagnosis a lot to take in and have needed to take my time to really gain more of a picture of how Gypsy could be affected in her daily life. To be honest the news was devastating to me after choosing her as a pup, handling her and breaking her in to use on our farm, now that all my children are at school.
Four months on from her diagnosis, it is apparent that Gypsy is unlikely to cope with even a light working life. I can imagine she will continue to `break down’ if working at all.
So, for me, coming to an acceptance of this predicament, my focus now is on the possibility of finding her the best non working home. I would dearly love to just keep her, but I feel this may depress her, as she will not be coming with the team and will have stock work going on around her, which I can only imagine would sadden her. And she will see me working with another dog. Gypsy is a gorgeous and much loved dog and she deserves the hope a different life and new home can offer her. A photo file is available on request. Genuine, thoughtful, and sensitive enquiries only please. Thank you very much.

Is Gypsy used to children? Yes.
Is Gypsy used to cats? Yes.
Is Gypsy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Gypsy used to stock? Yes.
Is Gypsy used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Gypsy get on with other dogs? Great.
Gypsy lives in Matawai, North Island.
A bit about Gypsy’s personality:

Gypsy is a gentle natured, very loyal and loving dog. She is large (40kg). She is well mannered and obedient. She is joyful and loves her walks and one to one affection. She is a real mate, and likes to know I am nearby. She is happy pottering in the section while I garden. In her working and social life on our farm she is totally reliable and well used to all of the following; children, a cat, horses and all livestock, including sheep, cattle, deer, goats, pigs and chickens. It would not be wise to breed from Gypsy as her ailments are said to be genetic, so I would have her speyed prior to re-homing. She is currently sleeping on a canvas bed, filled with our wool, to help her joints too. I think her best bet at being able to enjoy life is to live in an urban environment, where she is not tormented by looking at stock through a fence. I feel retirees or the like who could give her time and affection and daily walks could be the best new owners. I would like such owners to be knowledgeable about dogs, i.e. to know that as Gypsy ages, she is highly likely to have the need for medication to limit arthritic pain and understand that such arthritic pain would affect her mobility and comfort. These facts would both need to be realised as well as realising the cost of any medication and allowing for such. I think Gypsy would be fine with another dog for company, as long as it wasn’t jumping, racing, and chasing like a young dog or puppy would. Perhaps, another older dog (depending on such a dog’s temperament) or no other dog at all. Gypsy would make a lovely companion for the right people and this option is the only prospect I can see for her to be able to enjoy life ahead.

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