***RWD Foster Dog***

Hawk is a very special dog looking for an incredible home.

Hawk is a 4 year old male heading dog, he has sadly had to retire from the job that he loved due to developing cataracts in both eyes. He has been seen by a specialist with his previous owner, but the prognosis for a good outcome is only 20%. Hawk has also had a fracture repair to a hind leg at some stage in his career.
This boy is so clever, he has learned to cope really well with limited eyesight and is able to live a full and enjoyable life.

Hawk is looking for a rural home with a calm female dog for company. He gets on well with other dogs but can get annoyed if they run into him or are too boisterous around him (understandably, as he gets a fright). For this reason we would also not rehome him to a family with small children. Hawk loves to get out and about on walks, he has incredible off lead recall and likes to keep you close by for reassurance. He is fine with stock provided the dogs around him do not chase stock. Would be fine with a bold cat, he does like to creepily stalk cats all day (although stops when told to) so a scared cat would not enjoy this.

Hawk loves a cuddle, was toilet trained and sleeping inside within a night and would really like to continue sleeping inside if possible! Hawk creates a mind map of his surroundings once he knows them, and then is happy to run around full speed.
This boy likes to follow you everywhere, so a person who is home a lot of the time would be perfect for him.

Hawk will be castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and registered. He has an adoption fee of $250. As with all of our foster dogs we will require property inspections and vet/council references.

For more information, please call Natalie 027 453 0622 (no txts please as I donโ€™t receive them) or email retired.workingdogs@gmail.com