About Ivy:

Ivy is a medium-sized, female border collie cross, aged 10 years old.


My girl Ivy is about 10 years old, part Border collie part dalmatian and fixed. I need to find her a new home before my partner puts her down. She is great with kids, you can put your hand in her mouth while shes eating, but my almost 3 year old took it too far (as kids do) and stomped on her, and she turned and nipped his face (no intent to harm or sign of aggression just a reaction to pain and she’s a medium sized dog so that’s just what was in reach I guess)
She loves car rides, and cuddles, my little queen of the muzzle snuggle – it is breaking my heart writing this but my best friend needs a new home for her final years. She would make a great companion dog, and I honestly believe she is still fine with kids as long as the kid knows an animal has limits (ivys limits are very high)

Is Ivy used to children? No.
Is Ivy used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Ivy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Ivy used to stock? No.
Is Ivy used to chickens? No.
How well does Ivy get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Ivy lives in Masterton, North Island.
A bit about Ivy’s personality:

She’s gentle and kind, she hasn’t been around stock in a long time so I’m unsure how she’d react now. She always likes to be at your side/feet, or snuggled up. Very affectionate

About me:

My name: Carlie.
My e-mail address: yay_turdles@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 0223258713


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