This lovely older boy is looking for a buddy to spend the rest of his days with. Jackson (Jack) is an 11 year old huntaway/heading dog, he is a seriously sweet boy and would make a fantastic companion. Although he is no spring chicken, he is still very sprightly and energetic, and enjoys a couple of walks a day.

Jack is good with other animals and dogs, but can be a bit growly with other male dogs. We are not able to castrate him, as he has a heart murmur. This is not causing him any issues at this stage, but does make anaesthetic risky. Otherwise he is in good health, and is chipped, vaccinated and registered.

This boy would really like to find a home on a lifestyle block, preferably with a fellow retiree who he could follow around and go for walks and adventures with. He is particularly keen on older men, especially if they look like farmers or have a ute! He is also a ladies man though, and has won over all the ladies he has met. Great recall, nice manners, toilet trained inside the house although he will mark his territory a bit outside to start with.

Jack wouldn’t mind being an only dog if he had a person around him most of the time. He loves the beach, is fine with kids but not overly interested in them. Has been fine with cats he has met. Will bark if someone arrives or walks past the gate so makes a good watch dog.

As with all of our foster dogs, we require a property inspection and vet/council references. Jackson has an adoption fee of $150. For more information, please call Natalie on 027 453 0622 (please don’t txt as I won’t receive them).