About Jinx:

Jinx is a large, female Huntaway X, aged 1 year old.


Jinx, 1yr old huntaway

Is Jinx used to children? Yes.
Is Jinx used to cats? Yes.
Is Jinx toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Jinx used to stock? Yes.
Is Jinx used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Jinx get on with other dogs? Great.
Jinx lives in Martinborough, .
A bit about Jinx’s personality:

Jinx is a one year old huntaway
Due to personal reasons I am looking to rehome Jinx to someone who has a bit more time on their hands. She is showing keenness to work stock however isn’t chomping at the bit to go out and show me she wants this life as a job, she’s honestly more interested in being my mate than chasing anything majority of the time.
At work she is more keen to play and adventure than focus on the sheep In f ont of her, she will join in the morning bark up and happily help push up the laneways just loses all brain cells when in a paddock. Jinx LOVES going on cattle and has shown some great work in that department so a bull farm or dairy farm would be absolutely ideal !

She has been raised around cats, dogs, pigs, birds  and children of all ages and hasn’t been a problem with anything or shown any aggression whatsoever since the day she was born, super loyal and loving. Jinx would suit an active home on a lifestyle block or if there’s someone who’s keen to put the time into her you’ll make a wonderful dog in no time – work or best friend.

Approved home only,  she won’t be just going to just anyone 🙂

About me:

My name: Tarras.
My e-mail address: tarraslyall@icloud.com.
My phone number: 0223708584


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