About Kim:

Kim is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog X, aged 3 years old.


Hi all, hope this is ok, was just talking with a member of this page and they thought my story might help to match my special girl Kim with a suitable new home. Now this is a difficult post for me. This story is about my darling Kim (an eye/heading dog) and my sudden change in my life’s futre. This is a long story, so please bear with me. I love Kim, both my hubby and I love her. But we now have to start looking for a very kind home for her as I have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (also known as CKD-chronic kidney disease). Short story to this is, at some point (don’t know when as it’s a progressive disease of 5 stages and I am at Stage 3) I will have to start dialysis while waiting for a kidney donor. My hubby and I have recently taken a reverse mortgage so we can afford to buy a caravan to be able to travel through NZ to visit family and friends, my kids and grandkids. I really feel a need to spend quality time while able to as I have good days and bad days, Right now I have a strong need to be around my children.

Kim is a smooth coat border collie (that I believe would excel in agility classes because she is just so FAST!) and she is not small weighing in at 27kg as of last year. She is only 3 yrs old. She is spayed and up to date with shots etc. registered etc. She has lived out her 3 yrs on our lifestyle block with room to run, chase balls and fetching sticks, herding ducks and anything else she can find. etc…So we need to rehome her to a similar environment and I’m really hoping somebody could help here.

My husband loves her dearly as do I. We got her at 8 months old BUT sadly, at that young age, she had been attacked more than once by other dogs and then again attacked twice since we had her. She is wary of other dogs until she feels safe. She is fine with them and plays with them once she knows they won’t hurt her. She is also sensitive and if she detects annoyance in your voice, (a result of her previous owner throwing a plank of wood at her while she was cowering in her kennel 😞 ), she will go and hide in her kennel or in her bed under our dinning table and refuse to come out. She is so sensitive to humans feeling!. So she needs a person with lots of love and kindness.

She is so incredibly smart with a HUGE number of commands! …even pee’s and poops on command when she is about to go for an outing in the car! (Which she just gets so excited about lol) She loves to play and run, swim and climb obstacles (like home agility) Kim lives to please and play. She adores praise and that is the quickest way to teach her new things. She always wants to be with you and ‘helping’ whatever you are doing lol.

She is terrified of fireworks (which I also hate!) and a bit of a wuss about storms lol. She is an indoor dog a lot of the time (sleeps inside in her bed in the winter months (cold here in north canterbury) but sleeps outside in her kennel in summer months

Anyway. There is too much to tell on this post, so will just put up pics and if you have any questions, please pm me. I would ask one thing though, that whoever she finds a loving home with, we would be able to keep in contact and hear your stories of how our darling girl is going.

OH and she’s good with cats. She mostly want’s to ‘herd ‘ them being an eye/heading dog lol. we have two cats – one she ignores and the other she tries to ‘round up’. I guess it depends on the cats attitude.
OH and she is ruled by her stomach – like any dog?

Here is our girl. Please pm me if you can help. She is an indoor dog in the cold months, sleeps outside in summer months.

Is Kim used to children? Yes.
Is Kim used to cats? Yes.
Is Kim toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Kim used to stock? Yes.
Is Kim used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Kim get on with other dogs? OK.
Kim lives in Oxford, South Island.
A bit about Kim’s personality:

Loyal, desires to please, highly intelligent, very obedient, energetic, loves food, but is wary of other dogs at first until she is sure they won’t attack her, also very sensitive to an angry voice. Very happy and wants to always be with you, I have written a long story about her above.`

About me:

My name: Christine Sutherland-Matthews (Kris Is My Preferred Name).
My e-mail address: wulfing123@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0212233376


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