About Lass:

Lass is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog X, aged 9 years old.


Hi, I’m Lass, a 9-year-old heading dog cross.

But I’m still a puppy at heart.

Chasing rabbits is the BEST!

I also love swimming in the river and running alongside the quad!

As a pup, I was trained to work stock – but stock are boring – so I became a pet.

While the team worked, I tracked scents in the hill country, finding those pesky wabbits!

Now, it’s just me and my owner. I can’t catch rabbits anymore but tracking is still fun!

Sometimes I bring a hedgehog home. Maybe he can stay for dinner, I ask.

But, no, he always tells me to let him go, and I do.

Every morning, my owner wakes to a gentle whimper from me in my kennel.

A reminder I’m there and ready to start my day!

Sadly, we must leave the farm now. My owner is moving to a tiny place in town.

He says I’m a sweetie and he’s sad to say goodbye. We’ve been together since I was 3 months old.

He wants to find me a loving rural CAT-FREE home, so I can live out my days where I’m happiest – tracking scents in the country air!

Probably best to keep me away from chickens too!

My owner says, while I’m good with other dogs, I’m best living on my own. I can be a little bossy and tend to guard my food.

I should be fine with another cruisy male dog though.

I love pats and cuddles. I’m GREAT with people – kids too!

If someone comes to the house, I’ll give a few gentle barks – just to alert my owner someone’s there. Then, I’m keen on getting pats!

I have GREAT recall and I’ll sit when you ask me to.

So, if you’re rural and looking for a loving friend – and fulltime rabbit detective – I could be your girl!

Please send an email through, including your details, and the kind of home you can offer me.

Is Lass used to children? Yes.
Is Lass used to cats? Needs cat free home
Is Lass toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Lass used to stock? Yes.
Is Lass used to chickens? No.
How well does Lass get on with other dogs? OK.
Lass lives in Ongaonga, .
A bit about Lass’s personality:

I’m a happy bubbly girl that loves life and everything in it!

About me:

My name: Brooke
My e-mail address: brooke@sbfl.co.nz


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