About Gordie:

Gordie is a large, male Huntaway, aged 8 years old.


Hi, I’m Gordie. I’m a large handsome 8-year-old huntaway, living on a farm in Culverden.

I’ve been here since I was 2.

I’m a lovely happy boy – grateful for even the smallest of things.

So friendly in fact, I’ll run right up to you – sometimes INTO you.

Yeah, it’s safe to say I often forget my big size and have no idea about personal space!

I must tell you though, I’m amazingly cruisy round chickens. Check out my video!

I’m a very good boy. I’ve worked hard over the years, with sheep and cattle.

And I’ve always enjoyed my work.

Sadly, when I was 6 though, I suffered a back injury.

I’ve spent the last couple of years recovering and adjusting to a slower pace.

Fortunately, time’s a good healer, I can still balance on the quad, and I’m pretty much back to my typical bouncy restless self!

I have some bone growth in my spine that can make things a bit rigid though.

I can’t do much yard work anymore, or jumping, so my farmer would like to find me a loving, more relaxed home.

I may develop some arthritis in that area, in my later years, so it’d be great to find a place where I can still help with small jobs – because I love being busy – with downtime chilling in the sun too.

I also love taking myself off for a swim in the trough on a hot day. My farmer says it’s the best thing out for my back!

I’d be fine sharing my home with other doggies. I’m not dominant but I will stand my ground with the bossy ones.

Overall, I’m just happy slotting in and playing the day away.

There are six cats round my place, and I’m not bothered, so I should be okay sharing a house with felines.

You know what? I’m very social with people. I’m not territorial when strangers visit my farm.

I’m even good with kids. Sadly though, I sometimes knock them over accidentally – forgetting my size and being full of joy and all.

Oh, my farmer wanted me to let you know that I’m fixed too.

He’s sad to be saying goodbye but he’s wanting to trial me, for a few weeks, to make sure I fit in well at my new home.

So, if you’re looking for a spritely man – with plenty of love to give, that’s happy helping out round the place – please consider welcoming ME into your life.

Send me an email, describing what type of home you can offer me.

Is Gordie used to children? Yes.
Is Gordie used to cats? Yes.
Is Gordie toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Gordie used to stock? Yes.
Is Gordie used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Gordie get on with other dogs? Great.
Gordie lives in Culverden, .
A bit about Gordie’s personality:

I’m a playful happy guy.

About me:

My name: Brooke
My e-mail address: brooke@sbfl.co.nz


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