About Loki:

Loki is a medium-sized, male, Cattle x puppy, aged 9 months.


Loki is 9 months old, he is black, tan and white, microchipped and fully vaccinated and desexed. He gets on well with our 2 cats and dog. Not sure what he is like around children. He sleeps in a crate while we are at work, otherwise he is free to sleep wherever, which is normally on his bed in the lounge. He needs someone to adore and follow around, and enough exercise to keep him busy and happy.

Is Loki used to children? Yes.
Is Loki used to cats? Yes.
Is Loki toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Loki used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Loki used to chickens? No.
How well does Loki get on with other dogs? OK.
Loki lives in Whakatane, North Island.
A bit about Loki’s personality:

He is energetic, intelligent and affectionate. He would make a great companion for an active owner. He needs someone with experience in dogs as he needs further training. Loki does suffer from separation anxiety when left at home and is anxious. He hasn’t had a lot of socializing and likes to bark at other dogs.
Because he is anxious, it makes it hard to walk him in areas where there’s other dogs and other distractions. We normally take him for a run at school field with our other dog. He likes to bark but it is not excessive, just high pitched and this has lead our neighbor to lay complaints to the council. We are on our last warning from the council and this has resulted in us have to crate him during the day when we are not at home and wear a barking collar when we are not at home. This is not what we want for him, so he needs a bigger space/less neighbors and or someone with the experience to work with him.

About me:

My name: Karen Watson.
My e-mail address: matandkarenw@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0273682899


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