“Lucky” Palmerston North

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This is one lucky dog, hence her name….Lucky. She was rescued from the pound a little over a month ago labelled with being an escape artist and a barker which got to a lot of people. Now your thinking, why would I want a dog with that sort of nature. Well have we got a surprise for you, she’s a high energy 5 year old huntaway x farm breed. She was born to run and she loves it, we’ve had to get a bike to keep up. Since we’ve had her and taken her out for a run nearly every day we haven’t seen any of the problems that ended her in the pound.

Though she does love her humans and struggles to be without them, we have managed with the help of our two dogs to settle her into being outside like the dog she is. She definitely needs time to herself to help with some separation issues but she’s getting there and shows true progress, sleeps all by herself in a kennel at night and spends the day outside waiting for us to get home.

Being a farm dog breed we took her out to a 180 hectare sheep and beef farm to see what she was like. Safe to say she loves being around the farm but her interest in the stock was minimal so would need a lot of work to get her interested in chasing anything. For some this is a good thing you know she’ll be fine around cows, sheep, horses, chickens and well anything with 1 – 6 legs. She would be good to just follow the quad bike around she’ll make a great family pet so long as she’s kept active every day with the chance to really stretch her legs. Her re-call and listening is second to none and her nature is sweet and caring. If we had the land we would keep her ourselves she just fits in so well.

Lucky is vaccinated (Vanguard plus 5), microchipped, desexed, Registered and up to date with worming and flea treatments.

An adoption donation of $250 is required to help cover some of these costs. To complete an adoption application for Lucky or If you would like more information or to register interest in fostering or helping, please Private message us or visit our website: www.httpa//havenrescue.org.nz/