About Maddy:

Maddy is a medium-sized, female Border Collie, aged 4 years old.


Maddy has been a well loved pet for 4 years. We got Maddy when we live on a vineyard for 2 years in Central Otago. She was our number one and treated like our child. We had plenty of time to take her outside working with us and for walks etc. We have since moved to a Dairy farm which she loves and enjoyed going out every day working on the farm. I have since had a baby and she doesn’t get to go out on the farm nearly as much because my husband has a lack of patience with her on the farm. She is very keen to herd stock but unfortunately none of us have been knowledgeable enough to teach her properly. She is now very bored sitting at home. Our daughter is now 1 years old and unfortunately Maddy does not like children. This concerns us as we will probably have more children in the future and I don’t want Maddy to be locked up all day. She will only be rehomed to a five star home where she would probably prefer to be to the only dog and no children. This is heartbreaking for us to part with her but I know she would be much happier and feel it’s the right thing for her.

Is Maddy used to children? No.
Is Maddy used to cats? Yes.
Is Maddy toilet-trained? No.
Is Maddy used to stock? Yes.
Is Maddy used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Maddy get on with other dogs? Great.
Maddy lives in Fairlie, South Island.
A bit about Maddy’s personality:

Maddy gets of with other dogs but would prefer been the only dog. She is ok around stock but has not been properly trained. She has been around cats and chickens and knows she’s not to touch them. Maddy just wants to be more active and needs an owner that has more time to spend with her. She has always been an outside dog but at times has been inside with no issues. But is more comfortable as an outside dog.

About me:

My name: Hayley Weaver.
My e-mail address: millerhayley@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 0221008033


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