About Olive:

Olive is a large, female Bearded Collie X, aged 4 years old.


An update on Olive’s progress:

****** We have had a consult with Augusta Grayson at Proactive Canine Training) and commenced behaviour modification training with Olive.

Olive is ‘dog selective’ – she has a small social circle and can exhibit reactivity towards other dogs. The focus of her training is helping her learn an alternative behaviour. We are doing this by getting Olive to look briefly at other dogs, then check in with us (marking the positive behavior and giving treat rewards) and then moving away from the other dogs. We aim to meet with Augusta at some point in May to refine the techniques.

The consultant is confident that Olive is able to be rehabilitated. It will be important that she is placed into a home where she can lead a happy life with management measures in place. Muzzle will be essential outdoors due to her classification (menacing) and for everyone’s peace of mind, plus avoiding busy dog areas and restricting off leash to quiet areas with no dogs. Olive is going well on the muzzle and remains very easy to walk on a lead. Her recall is also super.

As she is ok with some dogs, it means Olive could potentially go to a home with another dog but obviously full understanding of her past and ensuring they get along is important.

We have also been investing in some ‘brain exercise’ at home (feeding through toys and hide and seek rather than bowls, games). ****

With a sad heart need to surrender our dog.

Olive recently attacked our neighbour’s dog in a public place without provocation. The injured dog needed surgery as a consequence. We have spoken with council and dog control here in Hastings Hawke’s bay and are waiting to hear back from council. We have spoken with HUHA NZ who are extremely full and may not be able to take her.

We adopted Olive from a friend who could no longer house her, and have had her for two years. In that time she has gotten along well with children and our male neutered dog, been well exercised and socialized but she has sometimes exhibited aggressive tendencies towards some random other dogs.

Olive is a four year old beardie huntaway x with a big bark. She is spayed and has current kennel vaccines. She is agile, super fast, a very good escape artist, could run all day, is eager to please, has good recall, loves to chase a tennis ball, and scared of fireworks and thunder. She was initially rescued at six months from a farm. We are her third owners. It is important that she is relocated from our residence to somewhere that she and others are safe.

Is Olive used to children? Yes.
Is Olive used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Olive toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Olive used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Olive used to chickens? No.
How well does Olive get on with other dogs? OK.
Olive lives in Havelock North, North Island.
A bit about Olive’s personality:

Agile, full of energy but loves a cuddle, generally placid and submissive. Loves company and to be an inside dog.

About me:

My name: Dana Solomon.
My e-mail address: danamariesolomon@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0211907790


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