About Otis:

Otis is a large, male Huntaway X, aged 2 years old.


Otis is a 2 year old huntaway x bearded collie. He is a big, lean 26kg pup with the sweetest, most loyal nature. He is very obedient, eager to please and a true man’s best friend. In typical beardie fashion he is a vocal boy and can run for miles when a tennis ball is involved! Due to no fault of his own we have made the difficult decision to find Otis a new home that better suits his needs. We would love to see him in a quiet, rural home, with a large property he can run all day around, living his life as a loved indoor pet with an adult companion or in a house with no children.

Is Otis used to children? No.
Is Otis used to cats? Yes.
Is Otis toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Otis used to stock? Yes.
Is Otis used to chickens? No.
How well does Otis get on with other dogs? Great.
Otis lives in Christchurch, South Island.
A bit about Otis’s personality:

Otis is a sweet, lovable pup that is eager to please. Unfortunately he has quite significant anxiety, including separation anxiety that presents as fence jumping, territorial barking and general Houdini business (this has improved significantly since being on medication). He also struggled with loud banging noises (e.g. fireworks, power tools, kids playing) which presents as general anxious behaviours (panting, pacing, whale eyes, etc). He has also begun to show anxiety and fear based reactivity towards small children, which is our biggest fear as we have recently had a baby, who he isn’t the biggest fan of. Besides the difficult anxious behaviours and breed-typical behaviours he is the sweetest, most loving, cuddly and funny boy.

About me:

My name: Philip Lotter.
My e-mail address: p.lotter@live.com.
My phone number: 02040398917


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