About Patch:

Patch is a large, male Border Collie X, aged 7 years old.


Patch is currently in a foster home in Raumati and is looking for his forever home. He is an approximately 8 year old collie x who had a rough start to life and is very anxious. He would be an ideal companion to a lady (he loves ladies) who is confident with dogs and home a lot. He would come with a good kennel, bedding, a well used crate (he is crate trained), food, leads, toys. His former owner would be happy to provide email or phone support advice as he resettles and the details of his dog trainer who would be happy to continue working with him one on one. He is in excellent health other than his anxiety which only really shows around new people and other dogs. Once he knows people he is fine and very affectionate but he is not suitable for a home with cats or young children (strong herding instinct and is scared of young children).

hr style=”gradient” size=”1px”] Is Patch used to children? No.
Is Patch used to cats? No.
Is Patch toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Patch used to stock? No.
Is Patch used to chickens? No.
How well does Patch get on with other dogs? OK.
Patch is living in Raumati , North Island.

A bit about Patch’s personality:

He is very anxious as before we rescued him he was abused his first four years by a man and was horrifically obese ( had been tied up for a year and was so fat he couldn’t sit). In the last few years he has been great with people he knows, with select dogs he likes (prefers little dogs and some select dogs on his twice weekly pack walk) and our kids ages 7 to 13. He gets anxious around little kids in particular and visitors but when he is happy he is awesome. He is smart and food orientated so trains easily but will always be a bit unpredictable, especially if he feels unsafe. He is one of the most affectionate and loving dogs I’ve met but definitely latches on to one person (he’s a ladies man).

About me:

My name: Hayley Bowman.
My e-mail address: bowman.hayley@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0275098738


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