About Peace:

Peace is a medium-sized, female Hunting – Pig Dog, aged 9 years old.


Peace is a medium sized black and white dog and only has 3 canine teeth.

Is Peace used to children? Yes.
Is Peace used to cats? Yes.
Is Peace toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Peace used to stock? Yes.
Is Peace used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Peace get on with other dogs? Great.
Peace lives in Wellington, .
A bit about Peace’s personality:

Peace is the most loving companion anyone could want. Shes done her dash as a pig dog and as a mama (13 beautiful babies over 2 litters) and is dreaming of sitting in someone’s truck/vehicle. This girl loves vehicles and will happily sit in one for most of the day. We’d love to find her a home with someone who can take her with them during the day. Equally she is happy to stay home but we know she’d love to come with you. Peace is still very agile too so will easily keep up with you on a walk, run or bike ride. She is amazing with kids, our 2 year old daughter is all over her and Peace just lets her. She is great with other dogs, loves little puppies and will ignore others once meeting them. She is extremely food driven but is very gentle with food and will wait under the table encouraging you to feed her unless told to get away.
Peace was very timid when she first came to us 6 years ago and we have showered her with love and kindness to bring her out of her shell so we are wanting someone to continue this and give her the company and love she deserves.

About me:

My name: Sacha.
My e-mail address: sacha9876@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0278646813


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