***RWD Foster Dog***

Introducing Ralph, who is just simply delightful.

Ralph is a 6 year old male huntaway who is looking for a loving family home, he’s perfect with all other animals (cats, chooks, pigs, cows, sheep, horses and goats) and loves children. A playful dog buddy or two is a must for Ralph, as he is very social. Ralph’s only bad habit is that he will dig if he is bored and not getting enough exercise. He usually returns to the same spot to dig so could be persuaded to dig in a sandpit if needed (loves digging holes at the beach).
Does not bark, toilet trained, loves to sleep by the fire.

Ralph has an old injury to one of his back legs, that has healed crooked. We have had this checked out, and although he walks slightly funny on it, he is not in any pain. It sure doesn’t stop him from running! Ralph can clear a farm gate, but doesn’t go far. If he is left alone he will need a secure area.

We’ve had Ralph castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and registered, and he has an adoption fee of $250. As with all of our foster dogs, we require vet and council references from potential owners, and a property inspection.

For more information on Ralph, please call Natalie on 027 453 0622 (please don’t txt as I won’;t receive them) or email retired.workingdogs@gmail,com