About Rex:

Rex is a medium-sized, male, Blue Heeler puppy, aged 9 months.


Listing on behalf of my neighbour.

Rex is a 9 month old blue heeler x huntaway. He has been out on the farm with his owner a few times and didn’t show any interest in stock.

He is very timid but not at all aggressive from what I’ve seen. He will take time to warm up to someone I’m thinking, but appears affectionate with his current owner. Unfortunately, as he’s not been working, he hasn’t been exposed to life. He just needs a whole lot of love and exercise. He has been living with half a dozen other dogs and gets on well with them. Appeared gently curious of my three year old but wouldn’t go up to her. Would need to be monitored as hasn’t really been exposed to life at all.

Can’t tell you anything else about him, but appears to be a lovely boy who would make a great pet or maybe agility dog if not a working dog. Will need time, patience and training though.

Is Rex used to children? Yes.
Is Rex used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Rex toilet-trained? No.
Is Rex used to stock? Yes.
Is Rex used to chickens? No.
How well does Rex get on with other dogs? Great.
Rex lives in Ruawai, North Island.
A bit about Rex’s personality:

A full of beans, very timid boy. No aggression I’ve seen, but also been exposed to very little in his life.

About me:

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