About RUM:

RUM is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog X, aged 2 years old.


Hi, I’m Rum. I’m a 2-year-old male heading huntaway cross, living on a farm in Gisborne.

And I’m a big goofball that loves a good play!

Working stock is NOT a passion of mine.

My farmer says, when I’m out in the paddocks, I’m not sure whether I’m a heading or a huntaway!

Not that it matters – I lose interest in work very quickly.

I’m much keener on CHICKENS, unfortunately!

Generally, I’m a guy who just loves life.

First thing in the morning, I race off barking. I have a good bark on me too!

I LOVE catching up with my team. There’s 12 of us. We’re all great friends.

In a group, I’m one of the easy-going guys, that just slots in.

I also give the older dogs an extra bit of space. They’re not as keen to rough and tumble with Rum, and I respect that.

I LOVE running round with the younger dogs, like me. We have great fun, woohoo!

With work not being my thing and all, my farmer wants to find me a loving pet home.

She thinks a lifestyle block – free of chickens – would suit me well. I love rural living!

Human company in the day would be great for me, otherwise I’d be happy enough with a doggy pal to hang with.

I’m fine left alone though, for a few hours. I’m used to being kenneled.

I’m young and energetic, with plenty of GO in me.

My farmer wants me in a home where I’m adored – and never bored in my days.

I’m a highly trainable guy. If someone’s willing to put decent time into teaching me things, who knows where that could lead!

I’m a very affectionate man. When I’m wanting attention, I’ll come and lean on you sometimes.

I’ll even try to twist myself around your leg, while looking up into your eyes. It’s very cute!

I have a big heart with plenty of love to give, only, I need a little time to warm up to new people.

You see, I’m a little timid till I get to know you.

I’m great round kids but, being an energetic boy, it might be best not living with the tiny humans. I might knock them over!

My farmer thinks I’d be happy enough sharing my home with felines. I’ve never been bothered by them.

And I’m used to horses too. I’ve been round them my whole life.

I’m up to date with worming and my vaccinations but I’m not fixed yet.

So, if you’re looking for a playful, goofy guy, that’s loyal and affectionate – not to mention quirky – I’d love to meet you!

Is RUM used to children? No.
Is RUM used to cats? Yes.
Is RUM toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is RUM used to stock? Yes.
Is RUM used to chickens? No.
How well does RUM get on with other dogs? Great.
RUM lives in GISBORNE, .
A bit about RUM’s personality:

I’m a loyal, happy, lovable kind of guy!

About me:

My name: Rebecca Sexton.
My e-mail address: zxybeckah@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 0274246161


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