Are you looking for a loyal, happy-go-lucky mate, who always wants to be with you and will do anything for a cuddle? Smudge is a special boy, only 2 years old but with dodgy elbows and dodgy knees, he has had to retire in his prime. He has been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, and also has cruciate injury in both stifles – likely due to congenital malformation. His owner noticed that altho he was super keen to work, he had an odd gait and wasn’t keeping up with the team, so took him to his local vet. Surprisingly he gets around very well, but is happier when on pain relief and joint supplements. He will need medication for most of his life, and is likely to develop more arthritis as he ages.

He still thinks he should work, but should only be limited to walks and trots, and the occasional zoomie. He can get through farm fencing and will chase sheep if unsupervised, but can’t jump fences or gates. He will also chase cats, but as with the sheep, he ignores them if they don’t run, and has shown absolutely no sign of aggression. Great with other dogs and kids, but he does tend to throw himself at you for pats, so could accidentally knock over a smaller kid. He is a medium sized dog, being a cross between a huntaway, heading dog, Border collie and Smithfield.

He has had one accident inside but is a fast learner and hasn’t had any since. He’s hasn’t shown any inclination to bark excessively, and will only let out the occasional bark if he gets excited. He is just the kindest boy, who would love to have a caring family to help him look after his joints.

Smudge has been neutered, vaccinated, registered and treated for fleas & worms.

For more information, please call Helen on 027 2909 777 or email huntaways@yahoo.co.nz.

Adoption fee applies.