About Ted:

Ted is a large, male Huntaway, aged 12 years old.


Hi, I’m Ted or ‘Teddy Bear’ to the kids in my family.

My body may be 12 but in my heart I’m 2.

My owners say I’m always bright-eyed with a waggy tail!

I’m super cruisy – a chilled-out dude.

Except when it comes to work!

Need me to jump rails in the yards or run behind a mob all day? I’m there!

I’ve been the mainstay huntaway for years on my sheep and beef farm and, they say, I’m a ‘go getter’.

My owners try to tell me, “Ted, you’ve done so much. You can relax more now. Best you stay home today, or you’ll be sore tomorrow.”

But I’m tough. I’ll be ok. I need to help them.

I watch the team leave and I howl… wait for me! I can help. I want to help!

My owners raised me since I was 6 weeks old. They say they love me so much; that they’re beyond grateful for all I’ve done.

They want to find me a loving home, on a lifestyle block, where I can still help a little – maybe bark to push sheep through a gate or behind the occasional mob over short distances.

They say I’m too sad being left behind and, more than anything in the world, they want me to be happy.

Outside of work, you’ll find me riding on a trailer or the back of a motorbike!

I love swimming too! They say, being an old boy, it’s great for my joints!

I love life, people, dogs – you name it. I’m the cruisiest!

My owners say they adore me. They say I’ll only go to the BEST of homes – a place with plenty of space, where I can be a part of things and very much loved.

Is Ted used to children? Yes.
Is Ted used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Ted toilet-trained? No.
Is Ted used to stock? Yes.
Is Ted used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Ted get on with other dogs? Great.
Ted lives in Hawkes Bay, .
A bit about Ted’s personality:

A loveable chap, I’m full of beans on the farm. I’m wonderful with kids too! I haven’t met cats.

About me:

My name: Alice Beamish.
My e-mail address: alicebeamish@hotmail.co.nz.
My phone number: 0274282071


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