Trixie is a pretty little 1 year old heading dog who is looking for a fantastic working/pet home on a flat dairy farm. Trixie came into our care when she suffered a workplace accident that ended in her having to have a hind leg removed. Watching this little pocket rocket run is pretty impressive, the loss of a leg does not slow her down much at all!

Trixie had been started as a working dog when she was injured, and we don’t have her working commands, but her previous owners have told us that she was better suited to cattle work as she can be over enthusiastic on sheep at times. She is very interested in working, and is currently being fostered on a dairy farm where she is showing great natural ability and lots of enthusiasm for working cattle. Has good recall and a lovely kind nature, really wants to be with you and wants to please. Great with other dogs, fine with children. Because she is missing a back leg, it’s important that she doesn’t have to jump on and off of a bike or into a kennel, and that she is able to work on flat ground rather than on a very hilly place. Eventually she may end up with arthritis in her remaining back leg, but adding joint supplements into her diet, and feeding a good quality food will hopefully help delay this.

We would love for Trixie to be able to do the work that she is so keen on, and having watched her in foster we know that although she is missing a leg she would not be satisfied with a life as a non working pet.

Trixie has been speyed, is vaccinated up to date and chipped/registered for the current year. As with all of our foster dogs, Trixie will have an adoption fee and we will require a property inspection and vet reference before adoption is finalised.

For more information, please email retired.workingdogs@gmail.com