About Tux:

Tux is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog, aged 1 years old.



Tux is a young heading dog who didn’t make the cut having a career as a working dog and is now with me to find a loving home.

Tux has a little ptsd from living as a farm dog and the stronger treatment, causing him to panic if he feels trapped, he needs a caring and understanding home that can build his confidence and a love for life.

Tux is currently living with a variety of small and larger dogs and finds comfort and security having a K9 friend close by. A home with a calm friendly dog will do wonders for Tux’s confidence and help him relax.

Tux has been in the house a few times since arriving a week ago and is still finding it quite a lot to take in, but of course with another dog pal he relaxes quickly.

Tux does love a pat and I know in the future will be a big cuddle bug, he just needs to know people won’t hurt him.

Get in contact if you would be interested to meet or know more about TUX!

Breed : NZ Heading Dog (Collie X)
Gender : Male
Colour : Tricolour
Born : May 2021 (Est.)
Microchipped : Yes
Desexed : Yes
Vaccinated : Yes

Is TUX used to children? No.
Is TUX used to cats? Don’t know.
Is TUX toilet-trained? No.
Is TUX used to stock? Yes.
Is TUX used to chickens? No.
How well does TUX get on with other dogs? Great.
TUX lives in Oxford, North Canterbury, South Island.
A bit about TUX’s personality:

Tux is very shut down right now sadly. He seems like underneath all his fear he is just a big sook waiting for a cuddle and a kind home.

About me:

My name: Tessa.
My e-mail address: tessa.pinkypie@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0273494554


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