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Cassie came to RWD at about 2-3 years of age. She is a “Grizzly” (long-haired) beardie collie cross. We don’t know much about her past as she came to us from a Pound on the North Island. Within a month of being in foster care, she went into renal failure. Her foster parents, vets and vet nurses fought for 3 weeks to save her life. Somehow, against all the odds, she pulled though and, despite a poor prognosis for her future, now leads an active life.

We took the decision not to put Cassie up for adoption following her recovery and placed her in permanent foster care because of the on-going costs of feeding her and the high potential of significant vet bills in her future. Β So, from time to time, we may fundraise for food and vet support for her.

Cassie is very timid around people she does not know, but with those she trusts, is just a big goofball. She has the loud, booming huntaway bark and the kind, loving nature of her breed. She also loves other dogs and will spend hours enticing shy dogs to play with her so she is a great help with the foster dogs that pass through her home from time to time.