CopRice is RWD’s new food sponsor

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In January of this year, Retired Working Dog NZ (RWD) signed a food sponsorship  agreement with CopRice to feed the foster dogs that come into their care. 

RWD aims to find homes for farm and hunting dogs that either have no interest in working, have suffered career-ending injuries, or are getting a bit too old to work. Many of these old dogs are still so keen to work that they will either hurt themselves (no longer nimble enough to get out of the way of stock) or have to be left behind while the rest of the team goes out all day to work. So, as a reward for all their hard work, they get to find a retirement home where they can still potter around paddocks if they wish, or spend their days in comfort and company. 

RWD caters to all farm working breeds (heading dogs, huntaways, working border collies, beardies), pig dogs and hunting dogs.

President of RWD, Natalie Smith, says โ€œWe are delighted to be in partnership with CopRice and to be able to use food that is specifically targeted at the nutritional needs of working dogs.โ€

With a range of food designed to support each life stage, CopRice provides high performance quality nutritional feeds for Puppies, Adults and Senior Working Dogs.

CopRice believes that goodness on the inside, shows on the outside resulting in each ingredient in CopRice being selected for its nutritional value. The food has been developed to support Working Dogs growth and development, peak performance and overall health.

โ€œCopRice is proud to be partnering with RWD to continue supporting New Zealand Working Dogs on the next stage of their working lifeโ€ says Richard Hurst. CopRice and RWD will be attending the Rural Games in March. 

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