Success story Daisy


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I would like to introduce you to Daisy. A big old gentle high country Huntaway who is living out her remaining years with love and comfort in permanent foster with the help of Retired Working Dogs NZ.

In June 2016 Daisy was picked up by the Ruapehu District pound in an emaciated condition with extreme muscle wastage and kennel sores.

Nothing is known of her history before being found by the pound. She has been earmarked and her teeth are badly worn down from age and a diet consisting likely mainly of bones. She has also had both her top canines cut off short. She was never claimed so it is likely she was dumped and left to her fate.

Daisy’s luck turned around when Brenda from Ruapehu District pound contacted Natalie Smith, founder and president of Retired Working Dogs NZ to see if she could help this lovely gentle old lady. As an old, unclaimed dog, Daisy had little chance of being adopted and was scheduled for euthanasia as her time in the pounds care was due to expire. Natalie could help her and transport was arranged for her to go into foster care with RWD’s super foster star Tania.

While with Tania, Daisy (then called “Girl”) was able to regain condition and enjoy life on the farm with working dog companions, a warm comfortable place to sleep and a lot of love. Tania describes her as a “character” who enjoyed running alongside the bike on her old unsteady legs, and hanging out with the other dogs after she had had the satisfaction of a few pats from the humans.

Once she was at a good bodyweight and ready for adoption to a permanent retirement home, the usual pre spay vet checks were done and it was found that Daisy was in renal insufficiency. Meaning her kidneys were not functioning at an adequate level and she was likely to deteriorate and succumb to kidney failure in the near future. Natalie and Tania both knew that Daisy wasn’t ready to go just yet, that she still had a while to enjoy some life with love and care.

Daisy was put on the Retired Working Dogs Adoption Facebook page and spotted by Charlotte, who had recently adopted Pip through RWD, a retired working girl, as companion for her 8 year old Huntaway Jessica, who had recently lost her friend Ruby to cancer. Charlotte knew she had the time, experience and love to give this old girl for whatever time remained to her.

A series of transport was arranged to get Daisy from Tania to Charlotte.

Upon arrival Daisy took everything in her stride, she didn’t let her bumbling weak legs stop her from exploring and enjoying her new home. She was very happy and would toss her bone in the air like a toy and roll around blissfully in the sun.

On her first night “Girl” sat in front of Charlotte gazing at her and as Charlotte gazed back the name “Daisy” popped into her head. Charlotte wasn’t trying to think of a name for her, but Daisy chose a name and henceforth became Daisy.

It turned out that she was completely house trained! Any little accidents always happened right in front of the toilet and she always let you know when she needed to go outside.

Daisy was put on a special diet of renal food by Royal Canin who is Retired working Dogs NZ’s sole food sponsor, who generously donate renal food to Daisy and Cassie, another of RWD’s lifelong fosters with kidney issues.

With this amazing food and a few supplementary foods and teas provided by Charlotte, Daisy’s renal function improved dramatically and 16 months on is still stable.

Other age related problems have been dealt with as they arise with Charlotte’s help with food medicine and supplementation and with the wonderful help of Katherine at Vet Services, who works around Daisys inability to undergo anaesthesia due to her kidney issues.

After a life expectancy of only a few months, Daisy has amazed us all and is still in good health and spirits.

This, her second winter in her forever home, when we were all amazed she made it to spring, sees Daisy enjoying a life of love, comfort and security with her now three “sisters”.

She joins in the play in her own way by uttering husky woofs in her worn out old lady voice and milling around in the centre of ball throwing games.

She is a very sociable dog and loves everyone she meets, expecting pats and always tries to follow every passerby on the street.

Daisy is not shy about asking for attention and loves nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa with her sisters and mum. Well except for food, Daisy loves her food!

This wonderful old girl with an unknown past is showing us all what a little love and help can do. A beautiful soul who deserves all the love in the world and appreciates every minute of it!