Whippy the retired pig dog

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Due to his work and living circumstances, Whippyโ€™s old owner was unable to keep her. His kids said “Good bye” to her and he took her on the one-way trip to the vet. Luckily for Whippy, the vet nurse knew about RWD and showed him where to find the page on Facebook.

He went home and posted a lovely photo of Whippy sitting in a chair that caught my eye. Luckily I contacted him straight away as he removed the post after some very unpleasant posts.

Whippy came to live with me the following week. Her old owner was very worried how long it would take her to settle โ€“ it took about 10 minutes!

She sleeps under the duvet on the cold nights and is never far from me. Our horses took a bit of getting used to, though.

If you are looking for an obedient loving dog, please consider a retired pig dog. Whippy has obviously been well-loved and so adapted to a pet’s life easily. I have 2 other retired pig dogs who are just the best dogs ever!