About Finn:

Please note Finn is a RWD foster dog.

Finn is a medium-sized, male Labrador Cross, aged 5 years old.

Is Finn used to children? Yes
Is Finn used to cats? No
Is Finn toilet-trained? Yes
Is Finn used to stock? No
Is Finn used to chickens? Yes
How well does Finn get on with other dogs? Great.

Finn is a friendly, beautiful dog who is learning to walk well on a lead, has good recall, and knows basic commands like sit. He would make a great addition to a family who already has a dog playmate. He isn’t too high energy, but does like to have a play around with his friends.

Finn’s great passion is water! He loves to eat the water spraying out of the hose and will spend all day swimming if he’s allowed to. He’d love a home where he has access to a pond or a river on a daily basis.

Finn is toilet trained, crate trained, and doesn’t bark often. However, he does require a home with a higher fence as he has been known to jump low ones, or ever sneak through a gap if given a chance.

Finn does need some further boundaries around cats and stock, as he would like to chase them if he had the chance, but he will be ok with any age children. Finn would be very happy to sleep on your bed or in a crate depending on your preference.

Vaccinated, microchipped, castrated and registered, Finn is ready to find his new people. He has an adoption fee of $350 and, as with all of our foster dogs, we’ll require a vet reference and property inspection prior to adoption.

To apply to adopt Finn, please fill out the form below: