About Gabby:

Gabby is a large, female Huntaway, aged 2 years old.


Hi, I’m Gabby. I’m a big almost 2-year-old huntaway, living on a farm in Taranaki.

And my favourite thing is tearing up Croc shoes!

It’s true. If you own any, you best keep them out of my reach.

The temptation to dismantle a Croc is strong in me.

Aside from my penchant for shoe destruction, I’m an easy girl to have around.

And you know what? It’s a miracle I’m here at all really.

You see, while pregnant with me, my mum became very sick.

She had an emergency C-section.

The vet was sure none of the babies had survived.

But then, she found a little 250-gram bundle, tucked up way deep inside.

It was ME.

The only survivor of my litter, my farmer hand-reared me.

Now, we’re great friends.

She says I’m a girl with “happy feet.”

Even though I was born with one toe missing on my left back foot, it doesn’t bother me.

I just bounce around with oodles of joy, wherever I go.

I’m a little different than other doggies though.

You see, after how I was raised, my farmer says I seem to think I’m human myself!

It’s true. I fit in so well around people, I feel I’m one of them!

I come to work with my farmer every day.

And, well, I’m certainly 100% stockproof. I have no interest in them whatsoever!

To date, I’ve only ever barked at an animal once – and THAT was a chicken!

So, sadly, I’m not much of a working girl.

But my farmer thinks I’d make an amazing PET!

She’s hoping to find me the BEST of homes, with kind caring people.

I get along with everyone, but I bond more quickly with women because of how I was raised.

My farmer thinks I’d be happy on a well-fenced lifestyle block or in a town home, with daytime company.

I’m fine left home alone for a few hours though. I’m used to my kennel.

I’m young and energetic, so I DO need to keep my mind and body busy!

If I get my daily exercise, I’m a quiet girl. I’ll only bark if I’m bored, with unreleased energy.

I could live with other doggies, or solo is fine too.

I’m cruisy with all the canines. I’m not worried about being the boss of anyone.

And I’m spayed too!

Really, I’m just a happy goofy lass that’ll do anything for pats and food!

Running alongside the four-wheeler, I’m happier than a pig in the mud!

Sadly though, I’m now scared of side-by-side vehicles.

You see, last time I was near one, I got an electric shock from something else.

And I’ve wrongly concluded it MUST have been from the side-by-side, unfortunately.

Oh, and I’m also a little scared of cows. I was chased by a cow once, so I’ll do a wide birth round all cattle these days, just to be sure.

Otherwise, I’m out there living life without a care in the world!

I’m used to being round kids and I reckon I’d be great sharing my home with them.

I haven’t been round cats since I was a wee pup.

Check out the video here of me rough and tumbling in my youth!

Now that I’m grown up though, my farmer’s not sure how I’d be living with a cat.

I’m fine round chickens though, except for that ONE time I barked.

If new people visit, I do tend to bark to alert my owner. I consider myself a good guard dog to have round.

Otherwise, I’m your typical velcro dog.

I’ll follow you round the place, inquisitive and eager to know what you’re up to – hoping to score a pat when I can.

So, if you’re looking for a loyal loving Croc-eater, that’ll keep you laughing through your days, please consider welcoming ME into your life.

Is Gabby used to children? Yes.
Is Gabby used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Gabby toilet-trained? No.
Is Gabby used to stock? Yes.
Is Gabby used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Gabby get on with other dogs? OK.
Gabby lives in Stratford, .
A bit about Gabby’s personality:

I’m a goofy happy girl that’ll keep you laughing!

About me:

My name: Annelies Harley.
My e-mail address: anneliesandkev@outlook.com.
My phone number: 0210461038


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