About Fleet:

Fleet is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 7 years old.


Hi, I’m Fleet. I’m a 7-year-old heading dog, living on a Timaru farm.

I’ve lived with my farmer since I was 2. I’ve been her mainstay for many years.

I’ve done the hard yards, she says, and I’m very loyal.

I may be slowing down a bit now, but in my heyday, I was an awesome intermediate trial dog!

I have all the bells and whistles to help you out if you ever need!

My farmer says, I’m SO good, I could almost teach someone that didn’t know what they were doing!

Yeah, it’s safe to say that I’m very loved round these parts.

I live with a team of working dogs and we all get along great too!

I’m a little different to them though.

You see, the whites in my eyes are always red!

It’s been that way ever since I was born. It may be genetic!

My farmer always tells me my red eyes make me distinctive.

She checks them each day, for 20 seconds, in the spring – to make sure no seeds have blown in there.

She’s always looking out for her main girl!

The other day, she sat me down for a chat.

Sadly, she’s having to move overseas very soon and leave the farm.

So she’s hoping to find me – her number one – the BEST most LOVING pet home.

My farmer thinks I’d be happiest on a lifestyle block – maybe shifting a few sheep and cattle.

It’s the work ethic in me, you see. I just love being a part of things!

Then again, she says, it could ALSO be a golden opportunity to slow down and retire completely.

Take time to stop and smell the rabbit scents!

You see, three months ago, something strange happened with my leg movements. My farmer noticed I seemed uncoordinated.

She rushed me to the vet and I was put on an IV, to keep my spinal cord hydrated.

I stayed there for a few days and slowly got better. The vet thinks I may have had a very tiny clot in my spine, that’s since passed.

Now, I’m good as new. I don’t even need any medication!

Only very occasionally, I might flick out my legs for a quick second.

My farmer has great faith in me. She thinks I’ll settle well with almost anyone.

You see, I have the softest loving nature.

I adore people AND children!

I’m even fine when strangers come to my farm. A pat on the head and I’m your best mate!

First thing in the morning, when I’m let out of my kennel, the other dogs all head off for a play.

Not me! I head STRAIGHT to my farmer and sit by her side.

We spend the day together. We’re out at 6am every morning!

The only time I’m in my kennel is when I’m eating or sleeping!

My farmer says she’ll be so sad to say goodbye.

She’s very grateful to me. I’m a girl that’s always aimed to please, she says. I’ve been “the heart of the team” now for many years and I’ve never let her down.

My farmer thinks I’d be fine sharing my home with other doggies, or as an only dog – hogging ALL the pats!

I’ve had a few litters of pups and was a very good mum. I’d happily adopt all your wee pups if you have any round.

I live with cats and I’m absolutely fine with them too!

I’m even good with chickens – although I AM tempted to try and round them up, but I’ll stop if you call me away!

And you know what? I’m very well-mannered when it comes to food.

You could put a mountain of yummy stuff in front of me and I won’t gorge myself. I’ll only eat what I need.

Then again, I HAVE become accustomed to being the favourite on the farm. I’m the first to get treats – velvet offcuts – my fave!

My farmer thinks, with me being deeply bonded to her, it might take me a little while to adjust to a new home.

She’s really hoping she’ll be able to meet potential adoptees first, to make sure I’ll be an ideal fit for them – and them for ME.

She’d love to receive updates on how I’m settling in, as it’s going to be very hard for her to leave me behind!

I’ll be enjoying some time, working with my farmer, until she moves overseas.

During this period, I’m available for meet and greets, if you’d like to set up a time.

I’ll be ready to move into my new home in the beginning of May.

If you’re looking for a gentle-natured, very smart girl – that’s a little more special than the rest – please remember the name Fleet.

Is Fleet used to children? Yes.
Is Fleet used to cats? Yes.
Is Fleet toilet-trained? No.
Is Fleet used to stock? Yes.
Is Fleet used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Fleet get on with other dogs? Great.
Fleet lives in Timaru, .
A bit about Fleet’s personality:

I’m a loyal, loving hardworking girl.

About me:

My name: Grace
My e-mail address: gracedransfield@gmail.com
My phone number: 0279366524


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