About Stout:

Stout is a medium-sized, female Huntaway, aged 18-months-old.


Hi, I’m Stout. I’m an 18-month-old huntaway girl, living on a farm in Masterton.

I’m one of a team of eight working dogs.

I’m the most playful of the group. We’re ALL good friends.

My farmer says I’m “awesome” with other doggies. I just slot into the pack!

I AM the odd one out for a couple of reasons though.

You see, I look different to the others – more distinctive.

Like my dad, I’m a HAIRIER huntaway.

I also have ZERO interest in working stock!

My life is ALL about the water!

I’ll find a creek; a trough – ANYTHING I can dip into.

I’ll even dunk my head under!

And I don’t wait for the other doggies to join me either. I’m brave enough to seek out my OWN fun!

I’ll often take off, with an old sock or a bone I find, and go hide it somewhere!

Oh, and it’s best I stay right away from cream carpets…

Because my other life’s passion is playing in the MUD!

Mud is the BEST! I’ll roll round in it and get myself totally covered!

It’s safe to say I’m certainly the LEAST productive member of my pack!

The other day, while I was floating round in the creek, my farmer called me out for a chat.

She says it’s pretty clear PET life is my destiny.

So she’s hoping to find me a new loving home, where I can swim with friends and play all day, if I like.

Fun, pats, cuddles, treats AND cushy beds? I’m THERE!

My farmer thinks I’d be happiest in a home with some decent space – a place where I get to SWIM – and maybe have another doggy for company.

I could even move a few sheep if you have some!

I’m GREAT with people but can be a little shy and timid at first and I’ll keep to myself a bit.

Having doggy company would certainly help with settling me in.

But I’d also be fine as an only doggy too. I’ll just need a little time and patience while adjusting.

You know there’s one thing that I’m sure would help a lot in that… FOOD!

It’s definitely a priority in MY life!

My farmer says I’m “a big greaser.”

When you’re eating, I’ll sit right next to you and look straight into your eyes.

I’ve mastered the sweetest look with huge success!

Oh, did I tell you I’m amazing with children?

I’m very laid-back round the little ones. Just give me lots of pats and I’ll be your best friend in no time!

Ok, so I’m also a bit of a velcro dog.

I’ll follow my farmer everywhere.

If she forgets about me, I’ll give a slight little whine, like a whisper, to remind her I’m there, or I’ll put my paw on her.

I’m a very affectionate girl but I’m not demanding either.

I’m happy just finding a sunny spot and lazing round the yard a lot too!

I don’t need to be busy all the time.

I’m yet to meet cats or chickens but, with some training, my farmer’s sure I’d be fine.

Oh, and I must let you know I’m not spayed but I’m up to date with my vaccinations and I’m flea-free!

My farmer says she’ll be sad to say goodbye, but she knows, with me being such a lovable sweet girl and all, I’ll make someone VERY happy.

So, if you’re looking for a social butterfly that ADORES water – and seeks out fun wherever she can find it – I might be the right girl for you!

If you’d like to find out more about me, just email my farmer.

Is Stout used to children? Yes.
Is Stout used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Stout toilet-trained? No.
Is Stout used to stock? Yes.
Is Stout used to chickens? No.
How well does Stout get on with other dogs? Great.
Stout lives in Masterton, .
A bit about Stout’s personality:

I’m a very sweet laid-back girl that loves life!

About me:

My name: Eve Chitty.
My e-mail address: chitty_eve@yahoo.com.
My phone number: 0278370858


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