About Flick:

Flick is a large, male Huntaway X, aged 5 years old.


Flick is a Huntaway cross with a heading dog weighing 33 kg. He was nuetured at 14 months when we got him. He is very friendly with people but sort of a loner, doesn’t require much attention. He currently lives in the house and yards with us people. We do not have the ability to fence and he has wandered occasionally. He likes to sit in the back of a ute or the open hatchback of the suv. Or just in the backseat of a car. Wants to make sure it and you don’t leave without him. Flick wants to work as it is strong in his genes but isn’t properly trained so mostly he just barks at the stick and tries to get them yo move around or come to him. He has gotten over exuberant and cheeky with a milking goat here and mauled her recently. He was easy to call off but the damage he has done will cost us this season. He is no longer welcome on this farm,
He would be a great family pet, plenty of life and love to give. A fenced yard would be great, but with an active household that will take him places for mental stimulation and active exercise like a run on the beach. His recall if excellent. He would be a great tradie companion, being in a van all day with his person at job site would be his dream job. He has great fur, it just drops dirt and sand so he is always clean. Please contact with any other questions.

Is Flick used to children? Yes.
Is Flick used to cats? No.
Is Flick toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Flick used to stock? No.
Is Flick used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Flick get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Flick lives in Whangarei, North Island.
A bit about Flick’s personality:

Friendly, humble and calm

About me:

My name: Jennifer.
My e-mail address: rodrigue.jennifer19@gmail.com.
My phone number: 021432269


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