About Ron:

Ron is a large, female Huntaway X, aged 7 years old.


Ron is a larger huntaway dog, she is black and tan all over.
She has been vaccinated and desexed.

Is Ron used to children? Yes.
Is Ron used to cats? Yes.
Is Ron toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Ron used to stock? Yes.
Is Ron used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Ron get on with other dogs? OK.
Ron lives in Whakatane, North Island.
A bit about Ron’s personality:

Ron is a gorgeous girl who loves pats. She is very active, enjoys going for long runs, walks or playing. Ron just wants to be involved with the family and activities. Ron can be a wee bit bossy with the other dogs, she always has to have the best bone. Despite that she still loves to play with them and run around the lawn in circles. Ron is definietly ready to retire, but if you are on a lifestyle block she wouldnt mind helping you move your animals. She can have a tendency to explore, and so good fencing or other means may be necessary to train her to stay. She has lived as a farm dog her whole life where they have limited boundaries. She is easy to get along with, we really enjoy her, shes funny, cute and adorable.

Her work was as the ‘cowshed dog’ which meant she was used by whoever was getting the cows in, this means she responds to anyone who uses her commands. We have had her for a year now and retired her a month ago. She is definitely looking for a family who can pat, play, run and have her come on adventures with them.

About me:

My name: Georgia Mischefski-Gray.
My e-mail address: gmmgray@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0279236368


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