About Jos:

Jos is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 12 years old.


Hi, I’m Jos. I’m a 12-year-old female heading dog

I live with my farmer in Taihape.

My happy place is chillaxing on my mat, in the front porch.

I share my home with a little male foxy. The two of us, we’re great friends!

I’m very respectful and obedient. Even if there’s STEAK on the bench, I won’t wander into the kitchen and steal it!

Of course, I’ll be THINKING about it though!

I’ve worked hard – fulltime farming with sheep and cattle over the years.

Back in my heyday, I considered myself the matriarch!

I’m older now, so I’ve stepped down from the top position. These days, I’m just happy cruising round.

If I’ve done a little too much, helping out on the farm, I’ll get a bit wobbly.

It’s hard accepting the body can’t do what it once could!

I may be slowing down but I’m NEVER too old for riding the quad!

I’d be happy to catch a bike ride ANYWHERE!

I also like to jump off, stretch my big legs and do a little run alongside it!

And guess what else I love?

If I feel like being adored, I’ll come up to my farmer; lie down, roll over and expose my tummy. That’s my hint I’m ready for a belly scratch please!

Semi-retirement so far has been GREAT! I’m appreciating all the simple things.

I LOVE my FOOD! I can never understand those picky eaters. I’ll take anything on offer!

Sadly, my farmer is heading overseas, so he’s looking to find me a new loving home.

He thinks I’d be happiest on a lifestyle block. I still love helping with the small jobs – moving some sheep around!

I’m a very easy-going girl. I hang round the house and I don’t wander.

I’d be happy sharing my home with other dogs. I’m still playful for an old girl.

Then again, hogging all the attention, as an only dog, would be equally as great too!

My farmer thinks I’d do fine in a town home. If I have a cushy bed and something fun to do, then I’m set!

I’m very brave, you know. When I’m home alone, I’ll just sit on my mat. I don’t even pine when my farmer’s away.

Did I mention that I still enjoy a dip in the troughs round the farm? I’ll even go for a swim in the dams. I’m never too old to miss out on the fun!

I’m great with kids but I haven’t met cats or chickens before. I’m sure I’d be fine though.

When new people come to my home, I bark a little bit, just to alert my owner, but otherwise I accept they’re a friend.

My farmer says he’ll be sad to say goodbye.

He’s going to make sure I find the very BEST of homes, with loving and kind people that will pamper me!

So, if you’re looking for a sweet soft-natured girl – that’s still really a playful pup at heart – I could be the right one for you!

Is Jos used to children? Yes.
Is Jos used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Jos toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Jos used to stock? Yes.
Is Jos used to chickens? No.
How well does Jos get on with other dogs? Great.
Jos lives in Taihape, .
A bit about Jos’s personality:

I’m still a playful pup at heart really!

About me:

My name: Michael Black.
My e-mail address: mjblack1997@yahoo.com.
My phone number: 0226006532


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