About Tink:

Tink is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 8 years old.


Hi, I’m Tink. I’m an 8-year-old female heading dog.

I’m a much-loved member of my whānau.

I live on a farm, on flat to steep hill country, in Whanganui.

Curious about my name? My kids gave it to me when I was a wee pup. They named us after Disney characters!

I’ve done some hard mahi in my time but always loved it!

My farmer is a kind man, which motivates me. He appreciates all I’ve done.

You see, here, on my farm, us dogs are pampered pets FIRST!

We all play fetch together. It’s so fun!

My farmer says we were pups before workers and at the end of the day, we all still have a little PUP in us!

I’m currently one of a team of seven female working dogs. We all get along great!

In my heyday, I was a natural leader of my pack. Now, I’m happy slotting in somewhere in the middle.

First thing in the morning, I run up to my farmer for a big pat!

These days, I don’t have the same eagerness to head out on the job!

As soon as the horse comes out and the saddle goes on, I’m like, NAH!

I say to my farmer, I think I’ll stay home today, and he understands.

Currently, he’s having to make the tough decision to downsize our team.

So, he’s hoping to find me a new loving home, on a lifestyle block, where I can embrace a quieter, more relaxed pace.

He thinks I’d be happiest on a 50-100-hectare farm, with flatter rolling smaller paddocks – moving some sheep and cattle around.

My farmer thinks I’d love sharing my home with other dogs. I’m used to being round girls and boys.

Equally though, I’d be JUST as happy as an only dog – hogging all the affection!

I’m a very smoochy, cuddly girl and I never stray far from my people.

I don’t ask for much. I’ll still put the hard mahi in but, outside of that, I’m happy cruising round, finding a sunny spot to lie in.

I don’t need to be kennelled either. I’m happy just tootling round the house. I don’t wander.

Life’s great. I have deep aroha for many things.

I ADORE riding on the quad. I’m a big fan of my food too – especially mutton, YUM!

I’m GREAT with children, especially the kids I grew up with.

Sometimes I’ll run up to my 3-year-old and lick her face!

I try my best not to knock her over.

My farmer says I’m very caring with little ones. I’m gentle and always watch out for them.

And, when I’m feeling bored, and want to be adored, I’ll put my paw on you and move my face really close. Then I’ll look up in your eyes, as if to say, “pat me, love me!”

My farmer says I can be a little shy at times – especially when new people come to my home.

I always try my best to do the right thing. I’ll bark a few times, to alert him someone’s here, then I’ll settle.

Did I mention that I LOVE water?

I’m one of those doggies that’ll take ANY opportunity to jump in a trough – especially during those 40-degree weeks!

When I was a pup, my farmer did a lot of surfing, so I’d go to the beach with him.

I could possibly be part FISH! I used to LOVE jumping in the sea!

My farmer says, he and the whānau will be sad to say goodbye. I know they only want the very BEST for me.

To make sure I settle well in my new home, they’d like to trial me there first.

And, of course, they’d all LOVE to hear updates on how I’m settling in.

So, if you’re looking for a sweet-natured loyal friend – that LOVES her mahi – and ADORES children, I may be the right girl for you!

Is Tink used to children? Yes.
Is Tink used to cats? Yes.
Is Tink toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Tink used to stock? Yes.
Is Tink used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tink get on with other dogs? Great.
Tink lives in Whanganui, .
A bit about Tink’s personality:

I’m a smoochy cuddly girl that LOVES children.

About me:

My name: Andy.
My e-mail address: paq.hamilton@gmail.com.
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