About Kylo:

Kylo is a medium-sized, male Blue Heeler, aged 1 year old.


Kylo is a handsome 1 year old Blue Heeler X Beardie mix.

Is Kylo used to children? Yes.
Is Kylo used to cats? Yes.
Is Kylo toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Kylo used to stock? Yes.
Is Kylo used to chickens? No.
How well does Kylo get on with other dogs? Great.
Kylo lives in Auckland, North Island.
A bit about Kylo’s personality:

He is an energetic, intelligent, confident boy who is eager to please. We believe he would make an excellent sport dog with the right training (agility etc), or he would fit in well in an active pet home (think mountain biking, outdoors etc). Kylo has a lot of natural toy drive, great food drive, and an impressive natural ability to stay engaged with his human. He hasn’t had much training to date, but he really enjoys it and would love to do more. Kylo is a high energy working type, who needs a lot of both mental and physical stimulation daily.

Kylo would be best suited to a home without small children, as when he is excited he can get a little nippy (thanks to those blue heeler genes). Kylo has had minimal exposure to livestock to date, and like most working types, would likely enjoy a good chase if not trained and supervised appropriately. He will need someone who wants to continue his training, and who will devote the time to build a real bond with him. Previous experience with a working breed is preferred.

Kylo has been good with the other dogs he has met to date, and is keen to play, but may need some help to learn to regulate his adolescent enthusiasm!

Kylo has a daily routine that suits us. We have crate trained him at night and during the day he’s in a working dog’s kennel.

Kylo is slowly getting used to our 3 cats within our home and also our sheep and cows, he is still under continued guidance with cats and cattle.

Kylo will only go to the right home that’s approved by the owners

About me:

My name: Scott Rutherford.
My e-mail address: rs.starlet@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0210741638


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