About Xena:


URGENT: A HOME MUST BE FOUND BY 6th JUNE!! Owners heading overseas.

, Xena is a medium-sized, female Blue Heeler, aged 10 years old.


Very loyal and eager to please, trained on basic voice commands as well as hand signals.
Done basic agility course with her which involved clicker training, but was very easily distracted after doing her round, so haven’t competed.

General good health, microchipped, deflead and wormed, will get booster vax before leaving us. Desexed.
She does have severe beef allergies, even the slightest bit gives quite a reaction eg red skin, boils, itch etc, so she is on a very strict grain free/ beef (red meat) free diet.

She has been an inside dog all her time with us, so might not suit an outside only home.

Is Xena used to children? Yes.
Is Xena used to cats? Yes.
Is Xena toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Xena used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Xena used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Xena get on with other dogs? OK.
Xena lives in Pukekohe, Auckland ( am in Tuakau), North Island.
A bit about Xena’s personality:

Xena is very family driven, doesn’t like it it when people of her pack are away or not close together and will look for them or herd us all back together by running from one to the other and back.
She is protective over her territory, will definitely let you know who is on the property, but is very quickl then to ask for pats and attention once she is introduced.

Loves other animals, very considerate with baby animals, been around young kittens ( am a Maine Coon breeder) and chicks a lot, and seems to know exactly when to play, when to just watch and how rough or gentle to be with different ages and personalities.
She sees herself sometimes as a cat I’m sure , wanting to be on your lap and close to you is all she wants the whole day!
Watches the fish in our fish tank often, just wanting to play with them.

Is not fond of small breed dogs, and is insecure in big groups of dogs, trying to almost climb up to you to ” save” her or hide her.
One other dog similar to her size she can handle and will want to play with.

Great with both our children, they were 3 and 7 when we first got her, and she loves them to bits, no growling when pulling food bowl away or touching when fed etc. Though our children are raised with good pet manners.

Listens well, recall, all basic commands well responded to, on leash a bit pulling, though when told behind she will walk slightly behind you.

Has a very clear hierarchy, 1 person is seen as number 1 in pack/ family, rest are only interesting if that person is not available.

Is afraid of water! We think she might have had some trauma with water before we got her. Baths are a bit of a mission in the sense of her not wanting to go to the bathroom without serious coaxing and treats, and she totally freezes the whole time. Using a hose outside is not an option for her.
Seas/ beaches with lots of waves scare her, but we have her now so far she will walk though puddles, calm streams and calm seas with us without much hesitation.

About me:

My name: Marielle Boxem.
My e-mail address: boxemfamily@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0211218793


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