About Mist:

Mist is a small, female Heading Dog, aged 16-months-old.


Hi, I’m Mist. I’m a 16-month-old heading dog that ADORES belly rubs!

I live on a farm in Arthurton.

I’m a girl that’s keen on the fast life – always on the go!

In fact, it was a challenge, for my farmer, just keeping me still for these photos!

Hey, I’m still young! I’m busy embracing all the excitement in life.

First thing on my to-do list each day… RUN with my team of working dogs!

We even jump in the troughs together too.

I’m great in my pack. I just slot in anywhere.

I also loving riding the quad bike – woohoo!

As busy as I am, working sheep and cattle is NOT a priority!

Just the other night, I was in the paddock with a big mob of ewes.

Well, my farmer says, I’m certainly stockproof. In fact, I couldn’t care less!

I have no desire at all to chase stock.

I live with multiple cats and I have no interest in THEM either.

Unless they want to play – I’m always up for THAT!

Ok, so I’m not a good sheep dog… but my farmer says I’d make the world’s BEST pet!

She’s hoping to find me a loving new home, where I’ll have plenty of space to run and things to keep my mind busy!

She thinks I’d even excel at agility.

I’m highly trainable. I soak up everything like a sponge.

My farmer thinks it’s best that I have human company, during the day, in my new home.

I tend to pine a bit when left alone for a decent length of time. Short bursts are fine though.

And, with me being a social butterfly, my farmer thinks I’d LOVE sharing my home with other doggies.

I’m a VERY obedient girl too!

If you’re on the bike or just walking, I can come along off leash. I’ll instinctively stay by your side.

I’ll never stray further than a few metres from you.

I’m yet to meet children but my farmer thinks I’d be fine with them.

And I have absolutely no interest in chickens – even when they’re squawking all around me.

I’m certainly not keen on chasing them!

And the good news is, I’m not a JUMPY girl.

Instead of leaping up when I’m happy, I’ll run laps round you for three seconds instead!

When it comes to eating, I’m a respectful lady.

I’ll wait patiently, while my farmer lays down my biscuits. When she’s gone, that’s when I’ll munch them.

I’m also polite when meeting new people.

Sometimes, if someone comes to my home that I don’t know, I might growl a tiny bit.

That’s only because I lack a little confidence in these situations and feel a tad uncomfortable.

Oh, my farmer wanted you to know that I’m not spayed.

I’ve had all my puppy vaccinations though!

My farmer says she’ll be sad to say goodbye. We’ve become such good friends.

She says that anyone would be lucky to share their lives with me.

So if you’re looking for a joyful girl, that adores a run – and is all about the FUN – we should meet!

Is Mist used to children? Hasn’t met yet but should be fine.
Is Mist used to cats? Yes.
Is Mist toilet-trained? No.
Is Mist used to stock? Yes.
Is Mist used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Mist get on with other dogs? Great.
Mist lives in Arthurton.
A bit about Mist’s personality:

I’m a joyful happy girl with no interest in chasing. I just love life!

About me:

My name: Phoebe Cant.
My e-mail address: phoebecant@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 02040107723


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