Nash is a 9 year old male heading cross who came into our care from the pound. This boy is super affectionate and loves all people, big and small. He has been fostered in a multi-dog household and has been fine with all of the dogs, as well as when out walking at the dog park both on and off lead.

Nash is NOT FINE with cats or stock and we are specifically looking for a home in town where he does not have access to either. His new owner will need to be prepared to walk him on a lead down the street, or to take him to off lead dog parks for exercise, and be responsible around neighbour’s cats as he means business when he sees one.

If you are looking for a pointy-eared charmer who has good recall, is pretty much fully toilet trained, and would love to snuggle up beside you on the couch, Nash is your boy. We will be very particular about where he goes because of his behaviour around other animals.

Nash has been castrated, microchipped and vaccinated, and has had a full health check including blood tests.

As with all of our foster dogs, Nash has an adoption fee of $350 and we will require a property inspection and a vet check from potential adopters.

For more information, please email retired.workingdogs@gmail.com