About Ruby Tuesday:

Ruby Tuesday is a medium-sized, female Border Collie, aged 3 years old.


Ruby is a smaller 3 year old, de-sexed Red /white Pedigree Border Collie from Yorkshire, UK. She is from a top line of Border Collie Sheep dogs in the UK and her Aunt won the agility division in Crufts 2021. She is registered both with the ISDS ( International Sheep dog society, UK with papers) and the Kennel Club because of her family and pedigree. She is extremely intelligent but has no working dog farm experience, as she has been a family pet to date. She loves walks, chasing balls; she is an extremely great swimmer and very fast and agile, and prefers the outdoors than being inside. She has had dog training and is very trainable. Her favourite thing is her bubble machine -chasing bubbles: which she’ll do all day unless she goes to the river /sea for a walk/ bike ride. We brought Ruby back from the UK to NZ at a huge cost, with the hope a change in environment would help her be more settled. However, the reality is that she is just not suited to a family with young children where noise is commonplace – she is very reactionary to noise due to her history.

Is Ruby Tuesday used to children? No.
Is Ruby Tuesday used to cats? Yes.
Is Ruby Tuesday toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Ruby Tuesday used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Ruby Tuesday used to chickens? No.
How well does Ruby Tuesday get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Ruby Tuesday lives in Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, North Island.
A bit about Ruby Tuesday’s personality:

Ruby came to us as a puppy just before covid lockdown. She was a very playful puppy but had less socialization due to covid restrictions. At 10 months old, on NYE, fireworks went off and she bolted from the house and escaped ( she needs to be in a fully fenced area, or she will take off at the first sign of loud noise that she wants to run from). She returned in a very stressed state -she was hit by a vehicle and needed surgery on her pelvis and ribs ( she made a full recovery physically) but has had a fear of noise ( bin trucks, loud exhaust pipes, kids fighting, kids being loud on scooters). As a result, she won’t go for walks on a lead from our door at home, but will only in the car to the start of a walk elsewhere -we have to drive her to the beach for example ( she sees our van as a safe space and sometimes won’t come in if the kids are noisy). She is fine with bigger dogs off lead if she is in Collie mode ( chasing ball /stick, swimming) but will snap at dogs ( especially smaller ones) if on a lead. We have had training and employed two dog behaviourists both in NZ and UK to help with her anxiety and has trialed anti-depressants and CBD oil for dogs to reduce her anxiety.
The conclusion is that Ruby has a complicated personality but our family home ( with noisy young children ) does not suit her -she needs a quiet life, possibly doing a job ( farm / agility) to help her keep busy and stimulated.
With the kids off school over the Xmas period, she has had a lot of anxiety with kids being home, as she is normally a fine, sweet dog, who plays with the cat between 9.00-3pm when kids are at school. Most recently, and possibly because the kids have been home over the holidays, her anxiety has become worse and she has shown aggressive behaviour towards us, visitors and the kennel staff in the form of snapping ( the one night she was away from us).
We believe Ruby has a lot of love to give but we really believe that she needs to live in a quieter environment with no children given the recent unpredicted nature.
It breaks our heart to rehome her ( if we can), but breaks our hearts more knowing if we cannot find a suitable home for her, we are left with the only option to euthanase her, which is just so sad. A young dog cannot spend most of its day hiding away in the family car and for us to live with the unknown that she may bite when in fear. She is so good on a walk most of the time and loves the outdoors. So if you can help, please do!

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