About Sammy:

Sammy is a medium-sized, male Huntaway, aged 9 years old.


Black and tan huntaway who has been a working dog all his life on a number of farms we think. (we think he is around 9 years old) We adopted Sammy 2 years ago after his owner (who had him for 3 months) retired him due to him losing interest in stock work. Sam is as fit as a fiddle and loves to run at the beach, jump in the creek and run behind the bike on and off lead. Top speed 30kh. He is fit, vaxed, desexed, registered and microchipped all done when he came off the farm to us. We are moving soon and unfortunately cannot take Sammy with us and have tried without success to place him within our existing network. Happy to bring him to you for a trial weekend if in the region if interested. Dearly love to find him the home he deserves.

Is Sammy used to children? Yes.
Is Sammy used to cats? Yes.
Is Sammy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Sammy used to stock? Yes.
Is Sammy used to chickens? No.
How well does Sammy get on with other dogs? OK.
Sammy lives in Palmerston North, .
A bit about Sammy’s personality:

Sam is the consummate gentleman he is very loyal, well behaved and well trained with a range of commands for both work and play. He lives for pats especially from children. Gets on with our cat (except when he goes near his food bowl). Sammy will sleep anywhere inside and out (except in winter). Whilst he enjoys the quiet life Sam comes alive when he is outdoors and we suspect he misses the rural environment. He only barks when commanded, or occasionally in the car because he is excited to go somewhere or when he sees a magpie for some reason. Sam has a core group of dog friends he likes to hang with but is selective about who he engages with. We are moving soon and cannot unfortunately take him with us. Rejoining a large pack is something he probably wouldn’t enjoy rather he would prefer being a chill part of the family on a lifestyle block and being the center of attention for children or to follow the boss around the farm in a supervisory role. Preferably a bit of both would be his ideal.

About me:

My name: Glenn Rose.
My e-mail address: glennr8318@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0274102290


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