About Neko:

Neko is a medium-sized, male Border Collie X, aged nearly 9-years-old.


Hi, I’m Neko. I’m a nearly-9-year-old collie huntaway cross and I’ve lived with my family, in Christchurch, since I was a wee pup.

I may be a complex character but my family love and accept me unconditionally.

This is a unique babysitting opportunity you may be able to help us with.

First, let me explain a little backstory…

Right from the start, it was obvious I was a bright spark.

In fact, when I was a pup, they nicknamed me ‘Houdini.’

One day, mum bought home a brain game gadget.

Each button I put my paw on played a different word in mum’s voice… play, walk, outside, sleep, hungry.

It was AMAZING. I became obsessed with it!

In the end, mum hid the machine. All she heard round the house was PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY.

I certainly keep my family on their toes.

In fact, mum and dad sometimes SPELL out words to each other or talk in code!

You see, a guy, like me, thrives on a challenge.

I can slip under gates; get over them; unlock ranch sliders and turn door handles, so they open.

I can sit, lie down, wait, paw, spin, up, roll over, bang bang (where I play dead) and speak.

I may be somewhat of a genius little collie, but sadly, I struggle with certain anxieties.

You see, when I hear a loud scary noise, I get scared – then I tend to bark, shadow chase, pant and cry.

Noises could be from anything ranging from fireworks, loud hail and thunder to lawn mowers, drones, power tools, vacuum cleaners – even the kitchen blender!

The first thing I do, when triggered, is bark loudly and start running round the house.

When I get scared like this, I need reassurance, calming music or my ball to play with – those usually help.

I also love my crate. It’s my security blanket.

And when I hear these noises, and I’m home alone, I’ve damaged my house too.

I’ve chewed and scratched window frames, architraves, jumped out windows and broken out of my crate.

I’m not alone much but it’s near impossible to predict when these noises will occur.

In the past two years, mum and dad welcomed two young children to the family.

And I absolutely adore them both!

One of my kids, now 2, just sits there with her arms round me, giving the biggest cuddles.

I’m amazing with kids – so much so, that I was part of a mentoring programme with children.

I helped teach them how to be respectful round doggies.

Sadly, juggling two little ones, and ME with my phobias, is overwhelming for mum and dad.

The good news is, when my mind’s kept busy, I don’t focus on my fears so much.

But it’s difficult, keeping me engaged so much of the day, when there’s little ones to care for too.

It’s a heartbreaking situation for me and my family – with many a tear shed – but one thing’s for sure…

Mum and dad are fully and wholeheartedly committed to my care.

They love me so very much. They do NOT want to say goodbye.

That’s where you come in.

Mum and dad are hoping to find a kind-hearted person – experienced with highly intelligent pooches – that might enjoy my company a few days each week.

This would provide my devoted family a little much-needed respite and it also gives me a new adventure to look forward to.

This would help me tune out of my anxious thinking and focus more on experiencing an even GREATER variety of things in life!

Now, fears aside, let me tell you what I could bring to YOUR life…

I’m NOT a territorial doggy. I’m fine when new people visit my home.

And guess what? I’m excellent to take on adventures.

I’m great with other dogs. I live with a little guy and we’re the best of mates.

I’m great with cats too! I live and sometimes SLEEP with one.

When the little doggy and the cat are fighting, I’ll literally sit in between them to help them mediate and make peace!

I’m also the most well-mannered man.

I am not the type to rush up to other dogs on outings.

I stick to myself. I respect others’ space.

And you know what’s really special about me?

I’m AMAZING at playing soccer!

You can actually play the game with me and I’ll try and score goals. I’ll even dribble!

My favourite place to be though, is the beach.

Yip, whenever I’m round water, I’ve just got to hop in!

I’ll swim out deep into the sea and go meet the kayakers and keep them company.

So, as you can see, I’m pretty special. I have so much to give.

Mum wanted me to let you know that I’m registered, chipped, desexed and fully up to date with my vaccinations.

So, if you’d like the companionship of an exceptionally beautiful-natured and highly intelligent guy, like ME, in your life, please send an email, explaining what sort of company you may be able to offer me in the week.

This is a wonderful chance to make a lifelong friend and help a family so deeply devoted to their boy.

Is Neko used to children? Yes.
Is Neko used to cats? Yes.
Is Neko toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Neko used to stock? Yes.
Is Neko used to chickens? No.
How well does Neko get on with other dogs? Great. He ignores them when out and about.
Neko lives in Christchurch.
A bit about Neko’s personality:

I’m extremely intelligent and very loyal and affectionate.

About me:

My name: Brooke
My e-mail address: brooke@sbfl.co.nz


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