About Poppy:

Poppy is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog X, aged 5 years old.


Hi, I’m Poppy. I’m a 5-year-old heading dog mix.

I was rescued from the pound in early January – JUST in time!

I’m currently living on a small lifestyle block in Eltham, Taranaki.

My foster family is the BEST!

Guess what? They taught me about BUBBLES!

And it’s safe to say, I’m obsessed!

I’ll snap at and chase those floaty balls till the cows come home!

I love everything here… including the neighbour’s CHICKENS!

You see, these chickens… they’re skilled escapists.

Juicy morsels that enjoy a regular run through my yard!

Sadly, eventually all that temptation got the best of me!

My foster mum was sad about what happened, but she understands.

It sure is HARD fighting those natural urges!

She’s hoping to find me a permanent loving home, on a lifestyle block.

One that hasn’t become a recreational exercise area for tasty birds!

My foster mum says it’s clear I’ve worked with stock before.

OR I just have AMAZING instincts and a natural ability!

Just the other day, my foster dad went out to move the cows and forgot to shut the gate.

I saw cattle making their way out, so I gave them a gentle nip on the nose to encourage them to turn around.

When he realised, my foster dad was SO impressed!

I have amazing recall too! If I’m out in the paddock, with the sheep and cows, and you need me, I’ll come straight back!

And I’m GREAT on leash!

My foster mum loves having me around. I’ve settled in well in a short time!

She says all I really need is “some space, a little bit of work and a LOT of human.”

It’s true! I’m somewhat of a velcro dog. I follow my foster mum everywhere!

Sometimes I forget myself and jump up on people, for cuddles – secretly hoping for belly scratches!

I live in a busy household. Humans come and go here constantly, which is fine with me!

And I’m very gentle with my foster mum’s 4-year-old granddaughter.

I’ve had lots of experience with little ones. I’m careful to never knock them over.

Since being here, I’ve made new doggy friends round the place too – especially the samoyed border collie cross I live with.

The two of us have created our own unofficial racetrack round the yard!

When it comes to dogs, I’m no pushover! I’ll stand my ground with bossy ones; earn their respect and make friends!

I love nothing more than a game of chase and good-natured rough and tumble with all of them!

I’d be happy to share my new home, only, I’d need my own space for eating.

You see, you must understand that I never knew where my next meal was coming from, so I guard my food now from other dogs.

Then, I inhale MINE and try and steal THEIRS!

Food can be fun though too! When I get a bone to eat, I’ll chew all the meat off.

Then, I’ll throw the bone round the place and have a GREAT time!

When it comes to food and humans, I’ll charm whoever I can for a bite of theirs – but I won’t beg the little ones.

I’ve met the family’s cat and been okay; however, I’ve never lived in a house with one.

My foster mum says I’m almost “cat-like” when I’m wanting attention. I’ll stick my nose under her arm and flick it, till she pats me!

I’ve missed out on plenty of affection in my life, and now, I’m making up for lost time!

Due to my LOVE of jumping in troughs regularly, I live in a cosy kennel outdoors.

Just the other day, at 6.30am on a chilly morning, I disappeared – returning to my foster mum dripping wet!

It’s never too early for a dunk!

I come in and out of the house in the daytime but, at night, I’m happy in my kennel – and it’s my safe place when left alone.

I must let you know, in my new home, I’ll need a well-fenced space.

There’s standard height fencing where I am, and if I see one of my humans on the other side, I fly over it.

I have a bad case of FOMO – fear of missing out, that is!

My foster mum thinks I’d make a GREAT therapy dog for special needs kids!

What can I say? I’ve certainly made an impression!

We’ll all be sad to say goodbye.

My foster family is happy for me to be trialed in my new home, to make sure I’m the right fit.

And, of course, they’d love to hear updates on how I’m settling in!

So, if you have space, and a heart full of love, why not consider welcoming a bubble-chasing social butterfly like ME into your world?

If I sound like the girl for you, phone my foster mum and leave her a message.

Is Poppy used to children? Yes.
Is Poppy used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Poppy toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Poppy used to stock? Yes.
Is Poppy used to chickens? No.
How well does Poppy get on with other dogs? Great.
Poppy lives in Eltham, .
A bit about Poppy’s personality:

I’m a pretty exceptional girl. I’m full of talent with so much love to give!

About me:

My name: Vicki Ward.
My e-mail address: wardmark@xtra.co.nz.
My phone number: 0274169087


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