About Queenie:

Queenie is a medium-sized, female Hunting – Pig Dog, aged 16-months-old.


Hi, I’m Queenie. I’m a 16-month-old bundle of FUN!

I live in Rangiora. I’m one of a team of hunting dogs.

I’m just the little 20kg one in the group, but we’re all great mates!

Every afternoon, we go for a big run together, which I LOVE.

I run behind them and bark – woohoo!

I’m kind of the odd one out though.

You see, they love their job and, to ME, hunting’s BORING!

It’s just not a passion of mine.

I’m a bit of a magician. If my owner takes me out to work and he catches a pig, he turns around and I’ve VANISHED!

I’m ALL about the children! I’m very soft-natured.

I’ve grown up round my owner’s 5-year-old daughter.

She’s my good friend. We play games together.

I live with a 7-month-old too and I instinctively know to be extra gentle round the tiny ones.

The other day, after our run, my owner sat me down for a chat.

He says because I thrive so much round children – happy to have them pat and cuddle me all day long – he’d like to find me a loving PET home.

A place where I can be adored by little ones and play the day away.

Sounds like heaven to me!

He thinks I’d be happiest sharing my home with another doggy, which is good company if my humans are at work.

My owner says I’m fantastic round home. I am a happy barker though, just so you know!

If new humans come to my house, I’ll bark a couple of times, to alert my owner too.

I’ve never lived with a cat but I DO tend to bark at the neighbour’s one.

He does annoy me, so that’s my excuse!

I’m just a lovable, easy-going girl to have round.

I’ve got a good nose on me too!

If my owner takes us all down to the river for a run – I’m not much of a swimmer by the way…

But if I smell something rotten round the place, I’m the FIRST to find it!

That’s ok though. I have excellent recall, so my owner gets me back in time!

I’m a very smart girl, you see, I pick up training really well!

I’m not a picky eater either. I’ll never complain. I eat, then I’m off on my next fun adventure.

My owner wanted me to let you know that I’m worm and flea-free but I’m not yet vaccinated or spayed.

So if you’re looking for a quirky girl that’s a good scent detective – and ADORES children – remember the name Queenie.

Is Queenie used to children? Yes.
Is Queenie used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Queenie toilet-trained? No.
Is Queenie used to stock? Yes.
Is Queenie used to chickens? No.
How well does Queenie get on with other dogs? Great.
Queenie lives in Rangiora, .
A bit about Queenie’s personality:

I’m a playful excitable wee girl that loves kids!

About me:

My name: Thomas Herd.
My e-mail address: thomasherdlitschka@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0220296273


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