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New life for retired dogs

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Toni Bingley of the Carterton Crier kindly did a piece on RWD in the June 2018 issue.

When I saw the name ‘retired working dogs’, I imagined elderly,
arthritic heading-dogs, curled on a bed in the lounge, waiting until
heaven called them home. Instead, I arrived at a local foster home to
meet Jimmy, a joyful, obedient, affectionate dog and Jake, a sweet,
gentle-hearted shy-guy, both with many years ahead of them.
Fundraiser and website developer Karen Cox and local fosterer Iris
Christopher, told me that many working dogs don’t make the grade
for farm-life – too soft, not noisy or hard enough – but having gone
through working-dog training they make wonderful family dogs.
It started in 2012 with vet nurse Natalie in Pahiatua and
Todd, a 12-year-old working dog a farmer had brought in to be
euthanased. Natalie realised Todd’s potential, saw a gap and started
Now a registered trust, they have hundreds of dogs fostered and
adopted all over New Zealand. Todd lived to the age of 17.
“The youngest dog handed in was 10 weeks old. This isn’t just
about old retired dogs,” Karen said.
“Working dogs have amazing brains and are very family-oriented.
They easily adapt to living in a family home rather than a kennel.
They’re looking to bond. These dogs are bred to be the ultimate team
workers and family life suits them well.” hold many fundraising events, the
biggest, most recent being The Big Rail Trail Dog Walk. They sell
calendars, have had a fashion show and are always on the lookout
for fundraising ideas.
Fosterers are always needed. All food and vet care is covered for
fosterers. All you need is a big section and lots of love. Or, you could
adopt yourself an amazing, trained dog who comes when you call,
de-sexed, vaccinated and registered, for an adoption fee of $200.

Toni Bingley

Thanks Toni!